How To Enjoy Your Garden During The Winter

With the weather getting colder, it can be hard to find ways to enjoy your garden during the winter. Despite this, many homeowners look to make the most of their outdoor spaces, even in these chillier months. As a result, there are many novel solutions available to make your garden a warm, inviting area to sit and relax in, regardless of the biting winds and chilly spells. In this article, we will have a look at these interesting methods, to inspire and encourage you to continue enjoy your garden space during the winter. Let’s take a look…

Garden Furniture

Creating an area, you can adorn with outdoor furniture is a great way to spend more time outside. There is an abundance of different garden furniture ideas on the market, so it should be simple to find something that fits both the theme of your garden space and the limits of your budget. There is even the option of creating your own table and chair set using recycled materials, such as wooden pallets.

To enjoy this space during the winter, use waterproof cushions on top of your garden furniture for comfort. To keep warm, you can install a permanent outdoor patio heater, or if you want to keep energy costs down, simply wrap up in a coat, hat and scarf and take a warm throw blanket for your legs.

Fire pits

There are few things that can make you feel connected to nature as sitting by a roaring campfire. Setting bonfires is obviously incredibly hazardous, especially with lots of dry leaves and kindling falling from trees during these colder months. Thankfully, there are safer ways to enjoy the irreplaceable warmth of a fire, including building or purchasing a more contained fire pit, or chimera.

A fire pit or chimera can become a perfect focal point to an outdoor seating area, meaning you can entertain guests during the winter whilst remaining warm and cosy. A terracotta chimera or a well-designed metal firepit can also have a more ornamental value when not in use, helping to create an interesting focal point for your winter garden when it may appear slightly desolate.


You may be looking for a way to illuminate your garden without starting a larger fire. Outdoor lighting activated by a sensor is a brilliant security measure, but alone, it can make your garden appear stark and clinical. Instead, adding lighting such as hanging fairy lights can make your garden space feel more inviting, rustic, and less intense.

Additionally, carefully placed outdoor candles in old oil lanterns can help give your garden a similar sense of warmth, as well as helpfully bordering any outdoor paths. Solar powered lights can be hung from trellises and fences or planted into the ground. LED lights can also placed into composite decking, allowing you to traverse your garden space well into the night, safe in the knowledge that you can see where you are going.

 Outdoor Rooms

Treating your garden space more like an outdoor room is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going away. Should your budget allow it, creating a more permanent outdoor room is a fantastic way to spend more time in your garden without being exposed to the elements. Greenhouses, sheds, and pergolas are perfect additions to an outdoor space.

If you are particularly ambitious, you may even want to opt for an outdoor kitchen. These can come in the form of a complete, sophisticated fitted unit, complete with gas hobs and a grill, or you can choose something less expensive, such as an outdoor pizza oven. Regardless of what you choose, alfresco dining in your own space is a novel way to make more practical use out of your garden.

Take Stock

Whilst your garden may appear stark, barren, and empty as the leaves begin to fall away, consider it the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate your garden design, allowing you to make decisions that will affect the overall look of your outdoor space going forward. With your outdoor space bare, you can better see where gaps reside amongst the skeletal structure of your garden.

With this information, you can prune and cut away any overarching branches that are impeding into your space, as well as planting bulbs or other winter flowers into the gaps between trees. For example, evergreen trees are brilliant winter plants, as they do not lose their leaves or needles, helping you to avoid your garden looking unpopulated during the colder seasons.

To conclude, just because the weather is getting colder does not mean you can no longer enjoy your garden. Taking steps to create interesting focal points for both you and your visitors can ensure your outdoor space sees more use this winter. We hope this article has given you plenty of inspiration and ideas for you to make use of in the chillier seasons.