Tips to DIY Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

There are ways to upgrade your outdoor space this patio season without calling in a professional. Whether you are an experienced DIYer or just starting out, you can transform your yard to make it ready for entertaining family and friends.

Here are our top tips to DIY upgrade your outdoor space.

Update Your Furniture

Adding fresh furniture to your outdoor area is one of the best ways to make it more comfortable and inviting. You can often buy quality second-hand items locally, or you might consider purchasing new. Before you start, decide what you want to keep and give it a thorough clean. Wooden furniture can be given new life with a coat of paint or furniture polish.

A lounge suite, table and chairs, fridge and outdoor kitchen are all functional and stylish additions. Stick to a theme such as modern, classic, rustic or beachy to give the area a feeling of consistency.

Catch Up on General Maintenance

Now is the time to finish those odd jobs that you have been putting off. Maybe it’s a hose reel hanging off the wall, ripped flyscreen or a sagging fence. When the weather is nice, it can be fulfilling to complete those long overdue DIY projects.

Other tasks such as painting, cleaning gutters and washing windows will make a big difference.

Get in the Garden

Your garden can be a peaceful outdoor oasis, and when you get your hands dirty it can be satisfying watching your plants grow. Weed, mulch, prune, fertilize and plant to get the garden ready for your guests. You can upgrade your outdoor space with a fresh lawn, and this is something you can DIY. Plant seeds, use a roll-out variety or install artificial lawn for an instant touch of lush green color.

Oversized pots can be decorated, or retaining walls can be made from scratch to give any new plants a designated area to grow. If you want to test your DIY skills, a homemade planter box can be made for herbs. Not only do these smell nice, but they are great additions to your cooking.

Extra Home Improvements

Your outdoor space should be comfortable with the right type of ambiance. Consider installing outdoor blinds, heating and lighting. Fairy lights create a nice atmosphere and are easily installed. Alternatively, sensor lights can offer safety when walking outside at night.

If you enjoy watching sports, a television can be wall mounted under the patio so you never miss a moment of the action. And for a touch of luxury, you may even like to add a hot tub.

Install a Security System

For your own peace of mind, a security camera system is a smart upgrade for your outdoor space. While you may think this is something that needs to be installed by an expert, there are actually DIY versions available. Having a security system can help to protect your property when you are indoors or away on holiday.

Updating your outdoor space can be done with a little bit of hard work. DIY doesn’t have to be difficult, and your entertaining area could be guest-ready in no time. Use this weekend to catch up on some maintenance, get out in the garden and revive a tired yard and you will be left with a place you can enjoy all year round.

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