How to Choose The Right Hoverboard for Your Kids

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They’ve driven you to the edge of your sanity. Your kids saw their favorite YouTuber buzzing around on a hoverboard. Now, it’s the only thing they can talk about. So, now you’re here to learn more about this one-of-a-kind gadget.

By the end of this post, you’ll know how to buy a hoverboard your kids will LOVE you for. So, let’s jump right into it, shall we?

What Is A Hoverboard, Anyway? 

Officially known as a self-balancing scooter, the hoverboard is essentially a Segway without the steering column. They take their unofficial name from the futuristic floating skateboard featured in the sci-fi film, Back To The Future II.

This decision was a genius marketing move. At the time of the hoverboard’s launch, it was 2015 – the year Marty McFly travelled to in the above mentioned film. Sprinkle in loads of celebrity buzz, and hoverboards became cool very quickly.

How Do Hoverboards Work?

Have you ridden a Segway? If so, you’ll pick up hoverboarding fast, as the mechanics are the same. If you haven’t, know that Segways and hoverboards both use gyroscopes.

Gyroscopes use balance to determine direction. Lean forward, and your board moves forward. Lean back and your board will move in reverse. Lean to the left/right, and the wheels will pivot accordingly, allowing you to turn.

Can My Kid Handle A Hoverboard?

In the past five years, children all over the world have discovered the joys of hoverboarding. Before you decide to get your kids one, though, realize this hobby isn’t without risk. Like any new endeavor, there is a learning curve. Where there’s a learning curve, mistake happen.

In this case, your kid will, at some point, fall off their hoverboard. Before getting your child a hoverboard, ask yourself –  are they mature enough to understand the risks involved? If the answer is yes, proceed. If you’re not sure, try to rent a hoverboard, or a Segway if you can’t find a vendor near you. By the end of the day, you’ll know. 

Most hoverboard companies recommend their products for ages eight and up. As a parent, though, you are in the best position to make this call.

Buying Your Child An Awesome Hoverboard: A Guide

So, your kid’s ready to rip up the neighborhood on their brand-new hoverboard – now you just got to buy the blasted thing! However, it’s not as simple as buying the first one that catches your eye.

There are several factors you need to consider. Let’s go through them all, point-by-point:


To move a hoverboard, your child must activate its gyroscope. To activate the gyroscope, they must apply enough force. Most companies design their hoverboards for adult riders. Which means, if you buy the wrong board, your child will go nowhere fast.

In many cases, the minimum weight limit is around 44 pounds. However, always check the fine print before throwing a hoverboard into your e-shopping cart. If you can’t find minimum weight data, e-mail/call support.


Think back to your childhood. Didn’t you HATE it when Mom bought you clothes without your input? So, why would you spend hundreds of dollars on a hoverboard whose appearance your child might not like?

If your kid is old enough to drive a hoverboard, they’ve already started to develop their own sense of style. Involve them in the shopping process. But, what if you want it to be a surprise? That’s where you enlist their friends.

Get in touch and tell them your plan. Have your child’s friends bring up hoverboards in conversation and fish around for info. Whatever intelligence they gather will aid you in making an informed decision.

And if you can’t find an “informant”? Go with conservative colors. Black/blue works well for guys, while many girls prefer a pink hoverboard.


Would you let your kids ride their bike without a helmet? No – when the training wheels come off, accidents are almost guaranteed. Riding a hoverboard is a learning process – falls are a part of that.

As such, you ought to buy safety gear to accompany your child’s hoverboard. Helmets are practically mandatory, but we also recommend elbow pads, wrist guards, and knee pads.

Give Your Child Their Best Birthday Ever 

It’s been a rough year. We need reasons to laugh, love, and feel joy again. A hoverboard can deliver these feelings, as they’ll give your child the gift of speed, adrenaline, and freedom. If you are looking to gift a hoverboard that your kid should love, you should follow the advice laid out in this guide and pick the best hoverboards for kids.

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