Cool Tips For Making Your Hoverboard Last Longer

Don’t know how to preserve the lifespan of your hoverboard? Then you come to the right place. Read this article and find out how to maintain your board correctly.

The hoverboard is genuinely one of the coolest inventions in the 21st century. As a one-person “vehicle,” It is so useful in so many ways such as compact, suitable speed in the city, energy consumption, environment-friendly, and many other pros. Note, hoverboard is a dangerous outdoor sport. If you want your children to ride them safely, you should choose the best hoverboard for kids, wear a helmet or protective gear before driving it.

However, like other electronic devices, it is susceptible to wear and tear without proper maintenance.

As such, please allow me to introduce some tips on proper maintenance to give your hoverboard the lifespan of the turtle (if you managed to live that long and keep up the maintenance work, that is).

Tips for maintaining the hoverboard correctly

Have the wheels cleaned regularly

The wheels are like the soul as well as the base of every vehicle, so it is always a good idea to keep them clean.

Why? As all the dust and debris on the road that you ride every day can stick in them. If the debris got stuck in the wheel, they not only damage the wheels but also enter the inside of the hoverboard and destroy inner parts like the sensor or the motor.

The hoverboard wheels got dirty

Please check the wheels regularly to find out if there is any debris or not. If there is, remove it immediately.

So how to clean the wheels properly?

It’s simple; you take a brush or other tools that can reach and remove dust in the middle of the wheels. Be careful, please don’t take anything sharp for cleaning purposes to avoid further damaging your device.

One more thing:

Please remember to check your tires if it in the same direction as the Wheel shaft or not. If it’s not, then you should tune it till it is in the right position.

Keep your battery always full

Ensuring that your board is fully charged before each time you take it out for a ride. If the battery isn’t fully and properly charged before each use, the lifespan of the battery deteriorates faster than you can imagine.

So take care of your battery, it’s best to avoid letting it run out of juice.

Fully charging your battery does not only preserve the battery lifespan, but it’s also for keeping you safe from injuries. Imagine if you were riding the hoverboard and as you were doing a cool-looking sharp turn to attract the attention of that hot lady over there, and the hoverboard ran out of juice, the injuries to your knees can be healed, but the damage to your man pride will scar you forever.

Besides, keeping the battery clean is essential as the dirt can break some part of the cell. Worst case scenario, the damaged battery will catch on fire and give your butt a second-degree burn.

Basically, no overcharging, no leaving it completely out of juice and clean it with a dry towel (even a small drop of water can also damage your battery).

Check the wiring system 

Over time, the wiring isn’t tight like it used to be. As the wiring system is covered by the plastic pad outside, so we usually don’t pay much attention to it.

short-circuit in hoverboard

At least once per month, open the board to check if there is any damage or physical changes in the wiring system or not. If you recognize any problem, fix it immediately before it causes a severe consequence.

Usually you will be able to recognize something is wrong because if there is an issue, it would be fairly obvious. Though if you are still concerned, have an expert to look at it every now and then.

Avoid overheating the hoverboard

Like other electronic devices such as smartphones, tv, etc. If you use the hoverboard continuously for a long period of time, it will heat-up the battery faster and faster after each use like that.

Overheating also damages the inner circuits of the hoverboard; worst case scenario, it catches on fire again. 

To avoid it, give your hoverboard some rest time once in a while during each use, wait for it to cool-down when you sense that the board is hotter than usual.

Store the hoverboard in the right place

Just because it is small and can be stored anywhere, it doesn’t mean you can just chuck in a whichever corner of the house.

Most hoverboards these days are still not waterproof, so make sure you store it somewhere away from humidity and sunlight while making sure there is adequate ventilation.

Ensure every part is well bolted

Screw in the wheels or the pedal might get loose over time.

This will compromise the structural integrity of the hoverboard, thus deteriorates its ability to handle your weight. Any uses afterward risk breaking it down unexpectedly.

Inside a Hoverboard

So remember to check all the screws carefully before you ride on it, make sure every part is well-bolted.

Avoid extreme terrains

Generally, the hoverboard is designed to tread on city roads. Although some models can handle specific grounds such as riding uphill or grassy terrains, they are not meant for rough terrains such as forest area.

The land in the forest is filled with grass, rocks, and other obstacles. Riding a hoverboard in the woods is the dumbest thing ever; your tire will be worn out easily as many debris in the forest come into contact with your tire and wreck the innard of your board.

Wrapping up

These are all the tips I want to share with you to keep your hoverboard last longer.

A hoverboard is expensive. You do not want to spend another big chunk of cash to buy a new one just after a couple of weeks, do you?  Follow our tips, and your hoverboard might even outlive a turtle.

Though on the off chance you already have broken your board or looking to get one at the moment, then click here to check out all the best hoverboards on the market.

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