How To Choose The Right Audition Piece For Your Child

Auditioning for a role is not an easy task. Whether your child wants to try getting a role in a short film, dancing video, or a play, it is incredibly important to prepare the right piece for the audition. There are many auditions for kids available today, and you will definitely discover all kinds of exciting options. In order to prepare to the best of your ability, read along to find out some useful tips.

Preparing Your Kid for an Audition

Thanks to convenient platforms like, it is possible to choose from a variety of casting calls where your child can show their talents. Depending on the specifics and requirements of the casting call, your kid might need to prepare an audition piece apart from going through the interview. Here are some tips on how to pick a perfect piece for the audition:

Think out of the box

If you search for a monologue fitting for a child of a certain age, there will be plenty of options online. This does not mean that popular and classic options will not be good, but it is always great to surprise casting directors with something fresh and unique. Add your personality to the piece, and this will not go unnoticed.

Grab the attention

When auditioning, children usually have little time to show off their talents and leave the right impression. It is crucial that the piece you choose can grab the attention of casting directors quickly and keep them interested the whole time.

Show your different sides

If this is a monologue, it would be great to have something that demonstrates different moods and emotions. In case you need to perform a song, pick something that will show off your range.

Pick appropriate options – this is one of the most basic tips, but directors look for children of a specific age, gender, etc. Make sure to fit into these criteria.

And most of all, it is important to make sure that your kid is interested in the role and is excited to try. Motivation is essential in this sphere.