Tips For Parents To Support Their Child’s Online Education

The coronavirus pandemic saw widespread school closures to prevent the spread of new infections. The shift to online learning exposed the challenges faced by students, teachers, and parents in both teaching and learning. 

On the other hand, COVID-19 also unveiled the benefits of distance education. As parents, you might opt for your children to pursue web-based learning to achieve the benefits like self-paced learning, improved virtual communication, and better time management.

The popularity of internet education has continuously grown among students worldwide since the onset of the pandemic. In the U.S. alone, roughly 75% (11.8 million) of all undergraduate students were enrolled in at least one online course in the fall of 2020, and 44% (7 million) undergraduates exclusively took web-based courses. This article discusses how you can fully support children transitioning to distance learning in the comfort of your homes.

Essential School Supplies for Distance Education Students

To ensure a hassle-free start to your children’s online schooling, you must prepare the necessary things they need. Here are some essential school supplies to help your kids grasp the most out of distance learning.

A Dedicated Home Space

Prepare a separate area in your living room or bedroom where you can place a desk or table to be used by your students during their online classes. Make sure that the space has sufficient lighting and ventilation for their comfort. Choose a table with proper storage for school materials like textbooks, ball pens, and drawing tools.

A Comfy Armchair

A good chair can provide comfort and relaxation while attending online lessons and discussions. As students will be sitting on the same chairs for their entire classes, a cushy seat will allow them to focus on their studies. A chair that can be adjusted so that the computer meets eye level is perfect.

Necessary Software

Communicate with your student’s teachers to inquire about the software needed in their classes. Make sure that your children’s computer has Microsoft 365 as programs like Word, Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Outlook are usually necessary for online classes.

Common School Supplies

Prepare school items like pencils, pens, binders, notebooks, highlighters, and paper to ensure your children have everything they need. You may also purchase a printer to print your children’s assignments and the syllabus for each course for better record management.

Earbuds or Over-ear Headphones

Using earphones during lectures will allow your students to focus on their lessons. Choose stylish and comfortable wired earphones with volume-limiting functions for safety and comfort.

Computer and Internet Connection

A reliable computer and good internet access are essential for a smooth online learning experience for your children. To ensure excellent and secure internet service, use a proxy service provider or use this website for more information and choices. You should also opt for backup alternatives in case your primary provider has issues.

How Parents Can Positively Support Their Children’s Online Learning

Distance education can cause mental distress and learning loss in students of all ages, which result in an increased risk of dropouts. Parental support is essential to overcome the challenges and ensure better learning results. Here are some tips for you to keep your children immersed in their remote classrooms: 

  • Engage young children in hands-on activities like creating with clay, drawing, reading books, and building blocks.
  • Listen to your high school and college kids. Learn about their issues and challenges, provide emotional support, and encourage break times.
  • Communicate with other parents to discuss strategies to support your children’s learning better.
  • Drive your children to create or join online groups where they can communicate with fellow students for mutual support.
  • Give your children compliments and rewards for their efforts and achievements while avoiding coercion and pressure.
  • Motivate your students to establish goals, manage their time and emotions, and plan for their future.
  • Limit screen time and teach good homework practices. 

Final Thoughts

As parents, you play a key role in your children’s continuous learning and development. Providing emotional, informational, and physical support during their online classes could determine their success or failure. By being a good listener, you can help your children gain the confidence to overcome their challenges and independently thrive in their online classrooms.

Photo by August de Richelieu