How to Choose the Perfect Sports Top for Your Game!

There is a certain level of comfort that comes with knowing exactly what you’re getting when you buy a sports top. You know the fabric will feel great against your skin, you know it won’t be see-through, and you know that it’ll look awesome too! So many women struggle to find the perfect top for their game. It can be hard to know what kind of effect different tops have on people, especially if they are trying to stay in control of their environment. So here are some helpful tips on how to choose the perfect sports top for your game!

Make sure it’s breathable

One of the best things about sports tops is how breathable they are. They keep you dry, comfortable and allow air to flow through your body. This means that you don’t get too hot or too cold during your play sessions. When choosing a sports top, make sure it is breathable. This means that the fabric has the ability to move air around you without trapping moisture. If the fabric is too lightweight, it will cause you to sweat more. On the other hand, if the fabric is too heavy, it will cause you to breathe faster and create a “cloudy” atmosphere inside the top. Not only will this make you feel hot, but it will also reduce your speed and accuracy.

Look out for cotton vs. polyester

Cotton sports tops are the most common. They are often soft and loose-fitting, perfect for year-round wear. However, they can be heavy and clingy, so they’re not ideal for exercise or strenuous play. Polyester tops are designed to keep you dry and comfortable. They are often lightweight, airy, and extremely comfortable to wear. However, polyester doesn’t breathe too well, so it can make you feel too hot or stuffy.

Check the back closures and shoulder straps

One of the things that set atop apart from other garments is the closures. A top’s closures are the physical buttons that secure the neckline and waistband. Different closures have different effects on the body, making each top unique. A button-down collar can create an upwardly- positioning V-neck, making the collarbone area stick out. This can be an issue during strenuous exercise, and it can also cause chafing on the upper body, especially if you have larger breasts. A self-tie closing is a next option on the list. Self-tie closures are secure but easy to use. They allow you to keep your play shirt on while working out or playing a sport.

Look for features like thumbholes and V-necks

One of the best things about sports tops is that they are universally flattering. You can wear them big or you can wear them small. If you have a broad chest or a protruding abdomen, you’ll feel comfy in a larger size. Another great thing about Bombshell Sportswear Tops is that they look great when worn with leggings or shorts. This is especially useful during winter when you want to keep your clothes and your legs warm, but don’t want to go without a top!

Look out for special fabric that wicks moisture away

One of the things that make sports tops breathe so well is the special fabric that is used to make them. Cotton is probably the most common material because it wicks moisture away from the skin, but there are also polyesters and polyurethanes that do the trick. The thing about fabrics with a tendency to absorb moisture is that they may not be breathable enough to keep you cool or comfortable when you’re wearing them. A fabric that is too lightweight will trap heat and moisture, making you feel hot and uncomfortable. On the other hand, the heavy, bulky fabric will cause you to sweat more, making you feel too moist and hot.

Look out for cool, comfortable fabrics

One of the best things about sports tops is that they are so comfortable to wear. You’ll likely forget you’re wearing them while you’re playing your sport. When looking for a new top, make sure that it is comfortable to wear even when you’re working out or doing intense exercise. There are plenty of options out there with stretch properties, so make sure that they are the right size.

Look for stretchability

A fabric’s stretchability comes into play when you want to make sure that the top doesn’t fall apart when you’re using it the most. If you’re playing a sport that requires a lot of movements, such as basketball or soccer, you need a top that is easy to move in without creasing or falling apart. On the other hand, when you’re wearing a top that is static, such as a dress or a shirt, you don’t need a top that is stretchy. On the contrary, a static top will likely move around too much and cause you discomfort. This means that a top that has a high enough ratio of stretch to weight is ideal.

There are many reasons why a Women’s Basketball Top is the perfect match for you. From the lightweight fabric that keeps you dry and comfortable during play to the ventilation that keeps you from getting too hot or too cold, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind when looking for a new favourite top. When you know what to look for, you’ll be able to shop till you drop and find your new favourite top in no time!