Breaking Down Popular Sports Betting Types

Sports news is no longer simply about looking for the latest breaking news, as there is always a betting angle that is included as well. The sports betting industry has taken off over the past decade, and it’s not going to be slowing down anytime soon.

It can be hard to keep up with all of the changes and improvements to the sports betting industry as well since there are new betting types being rolled out all of the time. Even if that is the case, there are going to be betting types that will always remain popular.

Here are #6 Popular Sports Betting Types

There are six main betting types that are the most popular to use, and are the best options for anyone breaking into this industry. Here are those six betting options and a brief overview of what they mean and how they work. 


Sports betting used to only be about the moneyline as this is the easiest betting type to know and understand. A moneyline bet is simply picking the winning team or individual of a matchup, and there aren’t any real tricks to it.

The one thing that does make a moneyline bet interesting is the fact that each team or individual will come with a different payout. Simply betting on the favourite in each game won’t usually lead to a massive payout. 

Spread Betting

When it comes to betting on basketball or football, spread betting is usually the top option. If you have ever heard anyone say, “betting against the spread,” then this is the type of bet that they are referring to.

Betting against the spread forces a bettor to not only pick the winning/losing team of a game, but a prediction also has to be made on how far apart the final spread will be. You can actually bet on a losing team to cover the spread, which adds another wrinkle to this betting option. 

Totals Betting

The third most popular betting option when it comes to a single game wager is what is called totals betting. Some people will refer to this bet as an over/under, and you are going to be betting on the total number of points or runs that are scored in a game.

One thing that makes this betting type so popular is the fact that it doesn’t matter which team wins the game with this wager. As long as you have correctly bet on the total number of points or runs then you can be a winner. 

Futures Betting

If betting on individual games isn’t your thing then you will want to take a look at making a future bet. This type of bet is popular because it can result in a big payout, but you will have to be patient in order to get your payout with a future bet.

When it comes to this type of bet, most people place a bet on the upcoming champion of a certain sport. You can also place a bet on which player will win an individual award, and the odds will be changing daily with this type of bet. 


A parlay wager is a combination bet, and you are able to create your own parlay in whatever way that you choose. This bet is made by taking a number of individual bets and combining them together.

The reason that this has become such a popular betting option is due to the fact that there is a chance to score a big win if this bet hits. The risk factor also increases with all of the legs that are added, but the potential reward can absolutely be worth the risk. 

Live Betting

Improvements to technology have made the world a better place, and that boost in technology has improved the sports betting industry as well. You used to have to make all of your bets before a sporting event began, but that is simply no longer the case.

Live or “in-play” betting has become extremely popular as you can now place a bet as a game is already underway. You will find a number of different ways to place a live bet, and this has turned into a betting type that has become profitable for some bettors.

Photo by John Schnobrich