How to check for cracked house problems?

If the contractor รับสร้างบ้าน says that your home can be renovated very comfortably. because the structure of the house is already prepared We asked if you could believe it? The answer is unbelievable. Because you will build and add to your building. This is a very random risk of building disaster. Every square meter you build will add to the weight of almost 1 ton on the structure of the house, so if someone tells you that the structure has been prepared. There must always be confirmed. The proof must consist of construction สร้างบ้าน drawings (blueprints), engineering calculations. and the most important thing is Structural Engineer’s signature designer (which he will attach with the photo professional license) if he has everything in order to be reliable But if there is no confirmation document And you still want to believe, no one can stop you. Because of that personal belief, It is a right and liberty set out in the Thai Constitution. No one can oppress you…if you want to take such a risky belief.

The building marks are separated until the sealant filling is not enough. What should I do? At times the buildings were separated from each other. Even if the structural system is strong, there is no danger. (or already fixed the structural system) but there are very wide fissures, silicone, acrylic, or resilient filling materials that can’t be put together. What should I do? If you have a problem like that The first thing that is forbidden is not to put cement or sand into the cracks. because it won’t last long When the building has moved or there is a vibration (In the language of craftsmanship, he called the building “Flex”), the cement or cement that was filled with sand was broken apart again until it was possible. One popular method is to “dodge” or make “wings” from one building to the other. This dodge or wing can do anything. depending on the nature of the building Some of them are made of reinforced concrete. Some made it into a rubber sheet. But most of them prefer to make stainless steel sheets to cover the cracks. When it rains, the water doesn’t leak like it used to.

How does he examine cracks, fissures, cracks, preliminary? When there is a small crack in our home, what we need to hurry and be careful is Examine whether those fissures It spreads their fissures to become larger. Or does the crack grow longer? He generally checks by drawing a line at the tip of the crack. and drew a line at the junction with the date written on it. overtime If the crack is longer It’s easy to see that it’s past the line that has been drawn. which he may draw another line Then write down the date again. to wait and see for further fissure behavior) if the fissure is widened It will be easily noticed as well if the separation does not stop. Continually spreading, he would have to hurry to the master craftsman who knew. Or go to an engineer to discuss what he should do. so that he may live in a safe house with cracks Sometimes it’s hard to draw a line that looks like it. because the nature of the split may be the movement of the building or broken without a system As a result, he could examine Wei with the following methods. Using a small sheet of glass (or perhaps a magnifying glass slide) he glued it nicely to the edges. put that glass over the broken crack Then he wrote down the date. Leave it for several days and then look at the mirror. If the mirror is still good It shows that the building has not collapsed. or cracks do not extend But if the glass is broken legs will know His house building was constantly cracking, and at this point, he had to consult an engineer to find a solution immediately.