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Backlinks media, a digital marketing company owned by Rajiv Gupta is dedicated to providing the customized SEO-friendly content providing, link building, and digital marketing-related solutions to businesses across India.

17 June 2021– The backlink media is dedicated to providing the best-in-class SEO-friendly digital marketing-related services. The company consists of well-trained, experienced, and dedicated staff. The varied services offered by experienced professionals include digital marketing, content providing, and backlinks generations.  

Rajiv Gupta, An Indian Entrepreneur the owner of the company is a passionate and hardworking personnel. This is quite evident from the hardships and challenges he faced in the past. Surely, he is a man of experience. He was born on 21 May 1991, since then, he has dreamt of achieving his part of success. Thus, he was willing to take up every single opportunity that knocked on his door.

He started his career as an accountant back in the year 2012. Soon after joining, he realized that he wasn’t made for this job. He again switched to a call center job. This again lasted for just a few months. Next, he sought opportunities in film production. Here too, he faced unsatisfactory outcomes. Even after facing so many lows in his life, he always emerged as a survivor.

He is a man of passion, dreams, and creativity. His imagination has got no boundaries. This was evident from the consecutive attempts, despite failures and lows, to achieve success in life. While learning the varied tools and techniques of the ways to earn money online. He came across the rapidly growing business of SEO-friendly digital marketing for businesses.

The world of digital marketing is not only fascinating but also motivates him. He was willing to learn the techniques required to master the skill. In persuasion to this, he soon began researching the basics and expertise of the digital marketing industry. He got his hands on the basics first and gradually moved ahead, achieving every single milestone successfully. He even sought help from several freelancers, who were already dedicated to this industry.

The zeal and determination were sole inspirations throughout the learning process. After the successful acquisition of the skill, he finally turned his dreams into reality. The dream of being an entrepreneur, with the successful establishment of his firm- Backlinks Media.

Rajiv Gupta managed to build this dream venture with the collaboration of 5 other dedicated and hardworking aspirants. The mere dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur is his present reality. The company comprises a total of 50 employees, who are highly trained and professional digital marketing and SEO professionals.

Internet marketing is the industry that excites and fascinates the owner- Rajiv Gupta. He believes in keeping himself abreast of the latest tools, techniques, and up-gradation implemented by Google on a regular basis. He is indeed a lifetime learner and grasps every single opportunity that comes at his door.  

The company Backlinks Media aims at providing top-notch personalized and tailor-made SEO practices and backlinks generation for the betterment of businesses. At present, the company has successfully helped over 3000 websites. The professionals start with visiting and analyzing the client’s websites. Afterward, utilizing the highest quality SEO and marketing practices to help them rank on the Google search engine.

About Backlinks Media Company

Rajiv Gupta is the mastermind behind the well-known Digital marketing Company- Backlinks Media. With over 50 employees, each highly trained, professional, and dedicated in his approach. The expert does an in-depth analysis and survey of the client website. Thus, offer the appropriate SEO content, lead generation, and digital marketing practices. Moreover, to help the businesses to rank higher on the Google search engine.

The company also provides the finest quality SEO blogging and guest posting services to businesses. The professional’s aims at providing top-quality SEO-friendly and 100% unique articles for clients. This further helps the businesses with a significant rise in DR, DA, and genuine traffic. In addition to this, the varied services offered include On-page and off-page SEO, SMM, and media publication. The company works on the sole ethos of client’s guaranteed satisfaction and strives hard to provide premium services.

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