How to Build a Skincare Routine During Quarantine with Sulwhasoo

Lockdown has been imposed by governments today because of the fast spread of novel coronavirus or NCoV-19. During this time, authorities oblige people to stay at home, avoid crowded places, disinfect deliveries, and wash hands before touching anything. This worldwide mandate affects everyone’s daily activities with the closure of malls, offices, and other businesses.

Experts highly recommend that you do productive things to avoid stress and boredom and keep yourself occupied. Because you have more time to stay at home during the home quarantine brought about by COVID-19, take time to check the skincare products available online and read product reviews of your prospects.

Home Quarantine Simple Skincare Routine

According to Sulwhasoo, one of the ways to be productive during the home quarantine is self-care. The beauty and nail parlors, waxing salons, and other beauty services are closed, so you have to do the beautifications yourself.

It’s the best time to try new products that can benefit your skin and overall health. Achieving great skin isn’t just a matter of genetics or DNA. A lot of celebrities also take this time to show self-love and perform self-care activities like developing a natural beauty routine. It’s a great time to undertake a Korean skincare regimen that has proven skin benefits. Check this beauty website to find the best skincare products online.

How do you build a skincare routine during a home quarantine?

Before Starting Skincare

You should start by establishing your skin type and the kinds of skin issues you should solve. Don’t imitate someone else’s skincare regimen because what works for your friend or family may not always be beneficial for you. Since you’re in the process of starting your routine, it’s essential to identify what kind of skin you have.

Here are the different skin types:

  • Oily
  • Dry
  • Combination
  • Normal
  • Acne-prone
  • Aging
  • Sensitive

Your unique skin profile will help you in selecting treatments for your face. However, for starters, you can do the necessary steps before dealing with specific serums and ampoules.

Basic Skincare Steps

If you have normal skin type, you only need the primary measures to maintain beautiful skin. When you have any of the other skincare types, you should add treatments like sheet masks, exfoliators, and emulsions.

Your skincare routine should consist of three main steps, including the following:

1. Cleansing

Sulwhasoo highly recommends washing the face twice a day, once in the morning and another time in the evening. Cleansing aims to clean the face from dirt and excess oil and avoid clogged pores, acne, and skin dullness. Even if you don’t go out into the sun, you should still cleanse your face from the dirt in your house.

The right facial cleanser formula helps cleanse your skin without stripping your face’s essential, healthy oils. Be careful cleansing with exfoliating scrubs. Only use them once a week. Also, avoid cleansers with abrasive ingredients. The perfect times to wash your face are when you wake up and when you’re about to go to bed.

2. Toning

Apply a toner after cleansing. You should tone before you put anything on your face. Apply toner by saturating a cotton pad and passing it over your face. Make sure that you choose a suitable toner with the right active ingredients.

Here are the recommended components when selecting a toner:

  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) to remove dead skin cells
  • Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA) to improve sun-damaged skin
  • Hyaluronic acid to boost hydration and treat fine lines
  • Green tea to reduce redness
  • Rosewater to calm irritation
  • Vitamin C and E to fight daily exposure of the skin to free radicals causing skin damage.

The toner also balances the pH level on your face so that leftover acids don’t interfere with your routine.

3. Moisturizing

During home quarantine, the skin may become dull and dry due to air-conditioning. That’s why it’s crucial to apply an excellent skin moisturizer. Moisturizers soften and hydrate the skin. It prevents water loss and seals moisture in the skin. Choose a moisturizer with natural protective oils and building blocks, such as ceramides found in Sulwhasoo skincare products.


The NCoV-19 is the perfect opportunity to start a skincare routine. Because the world is under preventive measures from the pandemic right now, most people stay indoors and have more time for self-care. You can take this opportunity to build a skincare routine during enhanced home quarantine to treat, beautify, and relax. It’s crucial to develop a daily skin regimen, including cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, to attain successful skin outcomes.


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