How much should I drink water per day?

Water is very important for our lives: drinking, washing hands, cooking, watering plants and doing many things are related to water. Drinking water is an essential substance that is safe to use for food preparation or drink. In order to maintain good health varies it is required to drink water regularly. The amount of water that has to be consumed per day depends on health-related issues, physical activity level, age and so on. Water is the substance that consists of various inorganic compounds or minerals such as calcium magnesium and etc. Such substances are significant to maintain healthy body – mental and physical health.

 Functions of water

Water resources are useful for humans in a lot of ways. Loads of spheres in human’s life require fresh water. Industrial, recreational, agricultural, environmental or household spheres are included in human’s life with the resources of water. Water can be a really nutritious element for our cells because it carries oxygen. Afterwards oxygen flows to our brain and regulates a proper work of it. Besides, water encourages body to absorb vitamins, minerals and other useful substances that helps to maintain our organs healthy.

Does water start metabolism?

Drinking water can be a great possibility to burn fat. Studies have shown that drinking water increases metabolic rate in healthy men and women. The effect can be even greater if you drink cold water. Body uses energy to heat it up so it could be useful in that way. Also, during the process of drinking water appetite reduces – it helps to feel that you are already filled up.

 Health benefits for drinking water

The most natural hydrating liquid is water. It does a lot of benefits for our body. For instance, it maintains a healthy digestion, promotes flawless skin and cardiovascular health.  Also, our drinking water keeps muscles and joints working. Staying hydrated also helps remove toxins from your body. Actually, drinking water and staying hydrated help to maintain not only physical, but also mental health. It can play a significant role in regulating your sleep and mood. Besides, it has a major effect in combatting depression.

Without enough water, your body cannot function and replenish its stores properly. Basically, it affects all parts of you and your body. It also affects your physical look as well. It is known that skin is the largest organ of yours, so it is important to stay hydrated in order to keep it healthy. Also, water contains no calories so it helps to manage weight.

 How much water you should drink daily based on your weight?

There are some formulas that helps to calculate the exact amount of water that has to be consumed per day based on your weight. These steps will help you to make the proper calculation. First of all, divide your weight by 2.2. The weight has to be taken in pounds. The number which you get should be multiplied depending on your age. For instance, if you are younger than 30, multiply the number by 40; if your age is between 30 and 55, multiply it by 35; if you are older than 55, multiply it by 30. Afterwards, the sum that you get should be divided by 28.3. The number that you get shows the amount of ounces that you have to drink each day. If you would like to convert it in cups, the sum of ounces has to be divided by 8.

Water intake per day: adults and children

60 percent of your body is made of water. Every organ and whole system of your body needs water to function properly. The amount of water that has to be taken per day depends on your age, sex, activity level and son. It also varies in different way for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

There is a difference between children and adults as well. For instance, recommendations for kids are basically based on their age. Kids between 4 and 8 years old should drink around 5 cups of water per day. 8 cups should be consumed if the age of child is between 9 and 13 years old. Teens who are between 14 and 18 should drink around 10 cups per day.

Adults also have different variations. For example, women should get around 9 cups; for men it’s 13 cups. It is also important to notice that vegetables and fruits that contains water should be considered and included as a source of water as well. For instance,  apples are 85 percent water and mangos are approximately 83 percent water.

For those adults who are fasting or do not have a balanced diet, health experts recommend adding more minerals to their water to make sure the body gets everything it needs. A person will get enough minerals with a big amount of remineralized water, and low food intake won’t be such a bad thing.

Factors that influence water needs

The total fluid intake including water has to be modified according several exceptions and factors. If you do an activity, for example, exercise, it is important to drink water regularly as well. It is advised to drink water before, during and after the exercise of yours. The minerals can be lost during the intense exercise because the body temperature rises and exclude sweat. So, it is useful to replace the excluded liquids with water. Also, the weather can influence and vary the need of the fluids as well. If it is really hot or humid outside, the amount of water has to be increased too.

If you are sick and your body loses a lot of fluids the amount of water has to be increased. Such illnesses as vomiting, fever, bladder infections can require bigger amounts of water than usual. Pregnant women should take around 10 cups of water per day. Women who breast-feed should consume about 13 cups per day. Overall, it is required to consult with your doctor about the recommended amounts of water that you have to consume. There can be other exceptions related to your health as well.


Water is an important element of our health. It helps us to keep our skin, temperature, bones and other organs safe and healthy. There are different amounts of water that have to be taken each day according people’s age, sex, activity. Some exceptions that influence water intake are these: environment circumstances, pregnancy, amount of exercises, certain health conditions and so on. Thus, water can be a good energy and health resource for you and your life quality. And of course



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