How Protein Shakes Help You Lose Weight And Belly Fat

Having a healthy body and active lifestyle is extremely essential for any individual whether young or old. Being healthy does not only prevent illnesses but also promotes a healthier state of mind. Undoubtedly, many factors easily contribute to an unhealthy body such as poor diet, physical inactivity, stress, alcohol and smoking, which usually lead to weight gain and production of belly fat. Since weight gain and belly fat are common signs of an unhealthy body, a lot of people are trying to find ways to prevent them.

Fortunately, the food and health industry has developed ways to help people to achieve weight loss and belly fat and one of them is through the formulation of protein shakes. Protein shakes are basically healthy diet drinks that incorporate protein and other healthy ingredients that utterly facilitate optimum nutrition. For people who lack access to high protein foods, these healthy protein shakes can be the most convenient nourishment for your daily intake. Moreover, these drinks come in different flavours. With your fitness goals, protein shakes will effectively eliminate belly fat and prevent weight gain.

1. Protein Shakes Suppresses High Food Intakes

Even with regular exercise, a high amount of food intake can become a major problem, especially for people who are keen to lose weight. Because of its formulation, a protein shake can stimulate the increase of appetite-reducing hormones such as GLP-1, PYY and CCK. At the same time, it also reduces the levels of hunger hormones such as ghrelin, thereby, making you feel like you are full.

A lot of studies have shown that people who consumed high protein-based breakfast have cut their cravings, and reduce their intake of calories. Hence, by taking protein foods, you can control your appetite, meaning you don’t have to eat for a certain period of the day.  When you are taking protein shakes for your weight loss or to reduce belly fat, you need at least 20 grams per drink to cut down cravings and reduce hunger.

2. Protein Shakes Increases Metabolism

It is a fact that as people grow older, metabolism seems to decrease. However, with a protein diet combined with protein shakes, metabolism can be increased. Metabolism is important in burning calories in your body.  Hence, when you have weight gain problems, you slow down the metabolism, incorporating a protein diet will increase the thermic effect of food. This process means that your body burns up the number of calories through digesting the food you eat. The more protein your body consumes, the more your metabolism will increase, thus, the chances of eliminating weight gain are high. 

3. Protein Shakes Stabilise High Blood Sugar Levels

The normal level of blood sugar indicates a healthy body. For people who are suffering from high glucose levels, a well-balanced meal is vital. An important component of a balanced meal is the intake of proteins. Hence, incorporating a protein shake into your diet does not increase the levels of blood sugar. It is wise to remember that the increase in blood sugar is highly associated with the food you eat. Too much intake of food-containing sugar is harmful to the body in general.

4. Protein Shakes Build Muscles

When you combine protein in your diet and regular physical activity, you develop healthy muscles. A lot of people who are consistent with their fitness goals rely on taking protein supplements to aid in muscle building.  Having healthy muscles contribute to physical wellness, prevent injury, cramping, weakness and pain. Healthy muscles help alleviate the symptoms of chronic conditions such as diabetes, osteoarthritis and other muscular diseases. Furthermore, when you have healthy muscles, you keep your joints in good shape, allowing you to freely move your body. Basically, you can keep enjoying physical activities such as playing sports, swimming, running, dancing among others. To achieve this, make sure that you regularly nourish your body with protein foods such as whey protein, casein protein, egg protein, pea protein and hemp protein.

5. Protein Shakes Prevent Weight Regain

If you are a busy person, then finding the right protein shake is important to you, especially if you lack the time to do exercise. Protein shakes are ideal supplements to prevent weight regain. Moreover, you have to choose protein over carbohydrates and sugar and fat-based meals. Although drinking protein shakes regularly can really help, having the motivation to choose a a healthy lifestyle is still the best decision.

Drinking protein shakes every day nourishes your body, at the same time, facilitating weight loss.  Although it is best to combine protein drinks in your diet, not all of them have the same nutrients. Hence, it is important to get familiar with the products that you are using. It is also wise to check the labels for the ingredients included in the product. In this way, you will get the maximum nutrients needed for your body, as well as you can prevent weight gain.

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