Nutrients Needed to Boost Your Immune System

If you are like most people, you already know that eating the right foods has an impact on your health. This is especially true when it comes to losing weight and making your heart work optimally. However, you may not be aware that healthy foods can also boost your immune system, which increases your ability to fight off infections.

Since it can be quite confusing to know which nutrients you need and you may not have time to prepare meals yourself, having healthy meal prep delivery will ensure that you are getting what you need to boost your immunity. Below are the nutrients that you should be eating to stay as healthy as possible.

Quality Protein

Protein is essential when it comes to ensuring you have a healthy immune system. Your body needs the amino acids found in protein to make antibodies that can fight viruses, bacteria, and toxins. If you aren’t getting enough protein, you will become more susceptible to getting sick.

Eating 25 to 50 grams of protein a day can ensure that your body has the nutrients it needs to create antibodies. You can find the right amount of protein in dishes such as chicken piccata or chimichurri beef.


Magnesium is a necessary nutrient that improves cardiovascular function. Your heart is a vital component when it comes to pumping blood, which contains the elements needed to fight off infection. Thus, to make sure your blood is getting where it needs to go effectively and efficiently, it is a good idea to take care of your heart.

Foods that are rich in magnesium include leafy green vegetables, nuts, seeds, and dark chocolate. If you have healthy meal prep delivery, make sure to add some sweet potato hash, roasted veggies with cucumber tahini, or a power greens salad to your list.

Anti-Inflammatory Foods

The vast majority of illnesses in your body begin with some sort of inflammation. Thus, to ensure that your immune system has the nutrients it needs to reduce the inflammation, you need to eat foods that can help. Some of the best foods you can eat include fatty fish, broccoli, peppers, and tomatoes, among others.

When planning out your menu for healthy meal prep delivery, make sure to add some anti-inflammatory foods. These would include butter chicken on broccoli rice and baked salmon. Since nuts and dark chocolate also contain anti-inflammatory properties, you might also consider adding a hazelnut butter dark chocolate bar or cashew butter blondie to your list as well. You’ll get health benefits and the ability to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Other Nutrients

Some of the other nutrients that are necessary when it comes to boosting your immune system include selenium, zinc, and vitamins A, B, C, D, and E. These can be found in a number of foods, including rice, vegetables, and shrimp.

To ensure you are getting these essential vitamins and minerals into your system, consider adding a Greek salad, garden salad, cauliflower satay bowl, or pesto shrimp to your list of healthy meals that get delivered to your home.

Do What’s Best for Your Body

Being healthy means more than being in shape. You also need to make sure your immune system has the necessary nutrients to help fight off infections. With the right healthy meal prep delivery, you can get healthy, immune-boosting meals delivered right to your door.










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