How Often Should You Throw Out Your Underwear?

This is probably one of the most overlooked questions but is actually super important to know the answer to.

How often should you throw out your underwear? Well, the truth is it is a lot more than you think! While most of us think that it is okay to hold on to underwear until the material itself starts to get tattered, you should in fact be considering swapping out the old pairs for new ones every 6-12 months!

Firstly, no one wants to deal with underwear that develops massive holes, loose threads, and general discomfort. But more so than that, if you hold on to your underwear for too long you may actually risk having bacteria grow in there that can lead to infections! Yuck!

To explain why you should consider signing up to an underwear subscription service so you always have new undies delivered when you need them, we’ve rounded up the key things you need to know about underwear and why they need to constantly be replaced.

1. Bacteria is a very real thing

Think about it. Your undies are sitting up close and personal to your private parts all day long. That means, there are hours and hours of prime time for bacteria to start to develop. And while you may think that simply washing your undies after use will get rid of the bacteria, it is not as simple as that! In fact, even after you do wash your undies there are still thousands (yes, you read that right) of bacteria that will stay latched onto your undies. While most will not harm you, it is simply best to refresh and chuck the old ones out every six months or so. Don’t you think?

2. The more you wash the faster they die

It’s a hard truth but important to know. The more you wash your undies the quicker their lifespan will end. Fabric is not designed to last forever. So going through one too many cycles in your washing machine can lead your undies to have a premature death and one less pair for you to choose from! That is why underwear subscriptions are an amazing life-changer, as you never have to fear about all your undies dying before you find time to go out and buy a new intake of them! Instead, delivery will be sent straight to your door and you can simply chuck the old ones out.

3. You want lots of options

While it may seem practical to have seven pairs of undies for the seven days of the week—given you do laundry once a week—it is actually far less than what you really need! If you are an active guy that gets sweaty during workouts, you should actually be wearing at least two different pairs a day. And most guys also sleep in their undies, meaning you really should be wearing three pairs a day. Do the math—that’s a minimum of twenty-one pairs of undies a week you will go through!

4. Mix it up and have fun

One of the best excuses to get an underwear subscription is the fact that your undies will never become boring! You can have fun with your underwear collection and choose styles and colors that suit your personality and lifestyle. Plus, it will continually help you surprise your partner when you strip down and she sees the new pair you are proudly wearing. Wearing underwear should be a fun thing that makes you feel great—and a subscription option ensures just that!

If you have learned anything at all from this, it is that you should constantly be swapping out your underwear and the best way to do so is through a subscription service!

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