Types of Period Panties To Save Your Day

When pads and tampons ditch you, there are more effective alternatives like menstrual cups and period panties to save your day. These underwear are worn without any tampon or pad. They have a special coating that soaks up menstrual blood and avoids leakage. It works like a diaper, but it is reusable. These period panties will never let you feel the bulge down there.

Menstrual undies are in existence since World War I when there were undies made with waterproof rubber. Though the panties were waterproof, being made with rubber meant that they weren’t breathable. The modern version of menstrual panties is comfortable, breathable, and several layers of fabrics were used to contain the moisture using the menstrual cycle.

These period panties have come into the mainstream with the help of some popular brands that have marketed these products among the women. A large number of women are inclining towards menstrual undies for comfortable and seamless coverage. No need to worry about the leaking pad or tampon when you have put on the menstrual panties. 

If you have not yet thought about period panties, then go through the list of these amazing underwear that you can slip into on your period days. 

Hip Hugger

Hiphugger is the most comfortable period panties you can get. They are high waisted and provides complete coverage. Functional, stylish, and comfortable, these panties have absorbency upto two tampons, and that is enough to go about the day.

Classic Bikini

Period undies are also available in classic bikini style. So you can add the oomph factor to your panties. They come in plenty of options in terms of the fabrics and coverage. Whether you are going for an outing or to your office, a classic bikini will have you covered. 

Short Panties

These types of period underwear are designed for younger women who fall under the age of 20. You can choose the fabric according to your preferences. Short period panties have an absorbency level of 3 tampons, so you can wear them all day long. Short panties also give a comfortable fit. 

Athletic Brief

Designed for heavy flow and complete coverage, these panties look like a regular brief. It has extensive layers of fabrics to give you superior moisture. Even after the extensive layers, the brief gives you a seamless fit. If you are looking for a period panty that can soak your heavy flow. 

There is plenty of women underwear that can simply tempt you too, but there are days when you have to give up your favourite panties. During your menstruation, you have to wear the undergarment according to your flow and the day of the period cycle. You have to remain vigilant whether you are leaking or not.

With menstrual undies, you don’t have to worry about any such things constantly. They provide you with the required comfort and coverage that you are looking for in a panty during your periods. They are worn without any period product and work as a reusable diaper.

Pick your ideal period panties from the above list and make your periods stress-free.

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