How Mindful Meditation can Benefit Everyone

Countless studies show that the average person, in general, is overworked and stressed.

Additionally, studies show that the more free time people have, the happier they are – and we all know there is a serious lack of free time in the western world.

So, the average person is pretty busy and stressed these days.

Whether you’re a full-time college student or business owner, time is a necessity. So, why would you spend your precious time cooped up in a dark room meditating when you could be out and about getting stuff done?

At least, that seems to be the average mindset about meditation. Everyone knows that it’s probably very good for them, but how can anyone put it on their list of priorities when, for a lot of people, there are no means of support for meditation?

Furthermore, there are tons of different ways to meditate.

Each different way has different effects on you and your life. Although it can be spiritual and transcendental, meditation can be as simple as sitting comfortably and listening to your own thoughts and patterns.

The benefits of mindfulness and meditation coincide perfectly with what it takes to be a busy-go-getter and can improve the life anyone who is open to trying it.

Mindful meditation is proven to improve memory function and attention span. While the best way to improve memory is by utilizing certain finger movements along with chants/mantras, simple mindful meditation can also improve memory over time. People with hectic and busy lifestyles, where remembering small details from distant conversations could be very helpful, could probably benefit from this side effect.

If you’re concerned about high self-criticism putting your in a bad mood, mindful meditation is a solution as well. Self-compassion tends to flow from mindfulness.

Stress reduction is another extremely beneficial effect of mindful meditation. Speaking from personal experience, meditation almost instantly relieves stress and anxiety because, when you’re only listening to your own thoughts, it is a lot easier to see what is bothering you and what you need to work on.

One study where patients practiced mindful meditation saw a significant decrease in both stress and the body’s inflammatory response to stress. This is great because America is in a stress epidemic, as I previously mentioned. We could all use less stress, so any advice on how to reduce it should be respected.

On a similar note, mindful meditation also improves decision making- especially with big decisions that require a lot of thought and consideration. Again speaking from personal experience, listening to your thoughts flow on an idea with no restraint helps reveal what your real feelings are and what you want.

Some studies even show improvement in creative problem-solving in patients who also practiced mindfulness regularly. This is a serious leg-up on others who don’t have this handy skill, making it especially useful for hard-working business people.

This one is pretty simple: a common benefit of mindful meditation is self-awareness. One of the main goals of meditation is to develop a thorough understanding of the self. This is a direct and simple way to become more self-aware. It is simple: mindful meditation means listening to your thoughts, which means getting to know yourself more: your tendencies, thought patterns, and even negative habits you may have. This is beneficial for everyone!

Mindful meditation also results in better sleep and more energy- amazing, right? That is something everyone can use more of. In fact, nearly half of all people will struggle with insomnia at some point in their lives. Meditation is a very effective way to finally shut your brain off and get some sleep.

Not to mention, it’ll probably be the most relaxed sleep of your life. Mindful meditation is especially good at this, as it makes you aware of your thoughts and can prevent thoughts that keep you awake.

Finally, mindful meditation can make you happier and kinder. To me, that’s the most important benefit of mindful meditation. This is because mindful meditation makes you aware of the self-deprecating and negative thoughts you have about yourself and carry with you everywhere you go.

These not only keep you from enjoying yourself, but can prevent you from being productive, moving forward, and so much more. Mindfulness is effective in eliminating negative beliefs about yourself, which makes you a happier and kinder person.

Mindful meditation is super simple. The practice itself may require some amount of patience and skill, but simple nonetheless: it is good for you. It’s a relatively fast process. The results from it can be seen relatively quickly.

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