How Jennifer Lopez Stays in Shape With 47 Years of Age

Jennifer Lopez stays forever in shape, and we can sit and watch her photos forever. There are a lot of women who are jealous of her sexy look.

I mean, look at those abs, legs, butt, and arms. They look perfect. Some of you will say that she didn’t have any hard work through her life.

Don’t talk like that because she put a lot of sweat and dedication to be one of the most famous singers and actors in the world.

If your next question is how she manage to be everywhere and still make time to work out and look awesome, well the answer is hard work and strict diet.

Let’s take a look at her regime.

No Processed Food

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Almost everything she eats is organic. That’s typical for a person who wants to be healthy and active. Her typical lunch includes salmon and veggies like broccoli, peppers, and zucchini topped with vinaigrette. Sometimes it included kale and crumbled queso and toasted pumpkin seeds.

For dinner, she is switching up to proteins. “I like pork and chicken, especially Puerto Rican style!” – She told UsWeekly.

Smart Snacking

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Her schedule is tight. Sometimes she could go hungry without time to eat something good. However, instead of reaching out for some of the unhealthy snacks, she always has a healthy snack up in her sleeve.

“I always have healthy snacks, like fruits and vegetables, with me.”

Chocolate Chips in the Mix

She has one weakness dough. It’s the chocolate chips. The chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate chip cookies are something she enjoys.


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The key to her looks are the exercises she does. You probably won’t afford two personal fitness instructors like this superstar, but you can do something similar with all those fitness things I showed you through our time together.

She loves two different approaches. One is freestyle fitness program, and the other is more like planks, push-ups, and boxing. The tempo and efforts are high, and her body looks like this.

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The secret behind beautiful skin

“I’m rarely in the sun, but if I am, I wear a lot of sunscreen.”

She skips alcohol and caffeine.

“That wrecks your skin as you get older.”

Avoiding cravings

“Protein is my go-to,” she told Hello!. “It fills me up and keeps me full longer.”

When Jennifer Lopez starts the day, she is feeding herself with a protein shake along with berries, honey, and yogurt.

If J-Lo can do it, you can do it too. It doesn’t matter if she is famous or something like that.

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