Max and Emme Are Like Copy-Paste to Marc Anthony and J-Lo!

How many times you’ve seen twins to look like their parents? – It’s rare, but it can happen. Just take a look at these famous twins. They are like a copy-paste to their parents.

The story about J-Lo and Marc Anthony dates from way back. I remember it was 2004 when the paparazzi got these two love birds and the world knew they are together.

They got married later that year.

In 2007, while on a world tour, both of them shared something amazing with the world. Their first child was on the road. All of their fans were going crazy about the news.


In 2008, Jennifer Lopez gave birth to beautiful twins. They named them Max and Emme.

They are amazingly cute. I can look at baby faces for ages.

Jennifer Lopez said that both of her twins changed her life.

I had given birth and the kids honestly just gave me a new direction. They just made me realize … what was real and what wasn’t real. I started asking more questions of myself of love, of what was right, of what was wrong, she says. I knew for their life to be great, I had to be great.

They are cute like this. However, you can’t get the final image until they grow up.

Well, Max and Emma are not big enough that lets us see what kind of creation they are.

It’s 2016 now. J-Lo and Mark did a great work not releasing too many information about the twins.

Even though they are separated now, both parents are putting tremendous effort to keep the kids happy and together.

Here is how they look right now.

Can you tell the difference?

I can’t believe how similar they are to both of their parents.


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Any Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony fans out there?

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