How good is Laudee`s new acupressure mats?

Acupressure mat: Natural therapy

Various health professionals worldwide practice acupressure, which is an ancient Chinese therapy. Do you know that you can exercise this therapy at home? Well, you can find many acupressure mats that can relieve your back pain, neck pain, and sciatic pain. Also, massage mats are available for muscle relaxation, stress relief, and sound sleep. LAUDEE presents you with such acupressure mats, which will help you enjoy all the benefits. The foam used to make the mat is plat-based and, thus, eco-friendly. Also, pure cotton and ABS plastic spikes are used. This bed of needles has more than 6000 acupoints. The product is long-lasting and has a positive impact on users.

Advantages of using an acupressure mat

Get relieved from pain naturally

You would know that acupressure causes the release of endorphins in your body. These endorphins function as opioids and commonly called the body’s natural painkillers. Endorphins help reduce your pain, and you will get a sensation of euphoria. Research proves that acupressure has the capacity to trigger the production of endorphins. These endorphins can prevent the pain signals from reaching your brain. The plastic spikes in the mat help you get relieved from pain. You can simply lie down, sit, or stand for over 10-30 minutes each day. After some time, endorphins circulate throughout your body, and you will feel completely relaxed and experience a euphoric pleasure. Endorphin-production is helpful in reducing muscle pain, back pain, etc.

Acupressure mat: The best way to manage your treatment

Muscle relaxation

Acupressure is a pressure point therapy and enables a massage on your acupressure meridian down the spine, by pressing against your body. This therapy helps to reduce tension in your muscles, and thus relax your muscles. Moreover, the therapy triggers your energy levels, making you feel refreshed. The mat is handy for all those who are suffering from back pain or neck pain and also helps in improving fatigue.

Positive impact on your mental health condition

Are you unable to sleep? Acupressure mat can improve sleep-related disorders alongside muscle tension. Further, your anxiety and, therefore, stress, is reduced. There are no reported side effects. The several spikes on an acupressure mat press against the acupoints on your body and stimulate blood flow to regulate stress levels and make you feel relaxed. The mat assists you reduce anxiety, stress, and depression.

Alongside mental conditions, the acupressure mat can also help you improve digestive issues like constipation and sends oxygen to your skin, giving a positive effect on your skin. Scientists proved that using the mat for eight weeks promotes a reduction in your BMI. The frequency alongside the intensity of chronic headaches can also be reduced.

Get an acupressure mat and make use of it to stimulate your innate healing capacity via this relaxing acupressure massage. These mats are so large that they can cover your entire back up to your neck. You can place the mat under your stomach, hip, chest, leg, foot, or any part of your body. Besides, you can cautiously make use of the mat for your face. The best part is that you can carry the mat wherever you go and utilize the therapy as you need to stay healthy alongside managing pain.

Photo by Antonika Chanel on Unsplash

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