Where’s the Best Place to Buy Driving Range Mats for Sale?

The better your golf game gets, the more you’ll enjoy the sport. Virtually everyone who has ever picked up a golf club is aware of this, just as they’re aware of the reverse platitude – the worse your game is, the less you’ll enjoy playing golf. The best way to get good at playing golf is simply to practice, although your practice must consist of making good golf swings and not wild, improper swings.

Assuming that you know how to make a good swing, your best bet is to log some serious time on your home golf mat, so you can have the same experience as making shots on a golf course, while repeating it numerous times to improve your swing, right in your own back yard. Some of the more exclusive golf mats will cost more money but with the highest acceptance rate loans, you can easily cover it.


How to get better at golf

When people think about improving their golf games and getting better at the sport, generally, the first thing they think about is buying new clubs or taking lessons from a golf pro. While both of these things may indeed contribute toward shaving a few strokes off your score each round, there are some smaller, less spectacular steps you can take, which may provide just as much benefit to your golf game. Here are a few of the things you can do which won’t cost you an arm and a leg, and which might still make a real difference in your scores:

  • Proper fitting putter – you’d be amazed how many people are not properly fit for the putter they’re using. A study of 100 golfers conducted by Golf Digest found that about 66% of those golfers surveyed did not fit the standard length of 35 inches, and another 28% need either more than 35 inches or less than 34 inches for a proper fit. It can make a big difference when you have the right putter in your hands, and you’re trying to make that all-important birdie putt to beat your pal out of five bucks on the 18th hole.
  • Hold your pose – regardless of the type of shot you have just made, you should always be trying to achieve a great finishing position. When you do this, it means that your swing had good rhythm and good speed and that it was properly synced, all the way through impact. By focusing on a strong finishing position, you are more likely to improve your ball striking considerably.
  • Play your worst ball – when you’re practicing, start by hitting two balls off every tee, and then always play the ball, which is in the worst position until you reach the cup. By always selecting the ball in the worst position, you will, of course, be making it much harder on yourself, but you will also be acquiring mental toughness and a great deal of experience with difficult shots. When you play an actual round, those bad lies won’t be so intimidating, and you’ll be ready for them.
  • Skip the golf cart – apart from the fact that it’s just plain healthier for you; you’re much better off walking the golf course when you’re playing. This will always put you more in tune with the game, and you’ll have time to think about your next shot as you’re walking up to it. Most players say they establish a much better tempo for the game when they’re walking, and it puts them more in sync with the golf course.

Why use practice mats?

There have been great strides made in the production of golf mats since they were first introduced. The high-tech golf mats of today provide a much more realistic experience than those of yesteryear, and you will very often have the same sensation as if you were hitting off the grass of your favorite fairway. This is, of course, exactly what you’re trying to do at a driving range, which is to simulate course conditions as closely as possible so that your practice swings are the same as they would be once you are on a real course.

The important thing to remember about practicing with golf mats is that you should try to avoid some of the older mats, which tend to be pretty thin and hard. These don’t do a good job of simulating course conditions, and you may find yourself trying to pick the ball clean off this hard surface, rather than using the downward striking motion that you should on most clubs.

It’s also a good idea to make sure the rubber tee provided is high enough to reproduce the same situation you would have when hitting the ball with your driver off the golf course tees. If that rubber tee is too low, you’re better off not practicing on it, because it may introduce some bad habits into your tee shot swing. All in all, though, the high-tech golf mats of today are more than suitable for simulating the conditions you’ll find on a golf course, and they will help you sharpen your game if you stick to it.

What are the best golf practice mats, and where can you buy them?

The short answer to this is – the best golf practice mats can be purchased at Rawhide Golf Ball Co., and our main store is at Fort Branch, Indiana. Of course, you can make online purchases simply by navigating to their website and you can be confident that you’ll be getting the best and most affordable reconditioned golf mats on the market. You’ll have the choice of purchasing less expensive mats which are in perfectly good condition, or you can buy mats which have had only light usage in the past and are still in near perfect condition.

The great thing about purchasing from Rawhide Golf Ball Co. is that you’ll only spend about a quarter of the amount you’d have to spend if you were buying a brand new golf mat. In most cases, you won’t even be able to tell that our golf mats have been used before, and your practice on them will be extremely useful in nailing down that ideal swing that you want to take with you out on the golf course.

Each one of our high-quality golf mats is a full 60″x60″, so you’ll have plenty of room to set up in your normal address position and take a full swing on the mat. There are tee holes provided on both sides of the mat, so it won’t matter whether you’re left-handed or right-handed, you’ll still be able to practice swinging off the tee.

You’ll also have 1/2″ of foam underlayment, which will make it feel like you’re on the real grass of a golf fairway, and the 1″ thick turf will contribute to that realistic golf-course feeling. All mats are subject to passing a strict quality control test before being shipped out to a customer because we recognize that our good reputation depends on providing customers with quality products and goods that they will be completely happy with.

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