How Does Genetics Determine How Tall You Grow?

Do genes affect height?

Ever wondered why children have same, or varied heights as their parents?

How tall you are is visibly a common characteristic that people easily note and it’s a unique feature that differs from one person to another. Height is part of growth, and what a person inherited from their parents may influence how tall they grow or how stunted their growth may be. Let’s breakdown the scientific connotations of genetics and heights.

Genetics is the chemical composition of our body DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) which is inherited from our parents. It’s a shaped molecule found in everyone and contains information about the person and their family. Our gene is the physical representation of the inherited genetics. Heights on the other hand is how tall a person grows.

The science of height

How tall you grow is scientifically defined and this is because:

  • Research has shown that, 80 percent of each person’s heights is determined by the DNA sequence they inherited from their parents. This implies that if the parents are tall, then the child has higher molecular chances of growing tall, or otherwise.
  • Studies have shown that, a certain FGFR3 gene in parents can cause a condition regarded as ‘achondroplasia’, of which an inheritance of such causes a short stature or delayed growth. This accounts for cases of parents being short and their children same or shorter.
  • Hormonal variations have been found in studies to account for family differences of heights. This is said to be as a result of multiple genes, a case of polygenic inheritance. This explains why siblings may be of varied heights as even to that of their parents.

What determines how tall you grow?

It’s largely evident that DNA majorly affects how tall you grow. There are however other factors that determine how tall a person grows. Have you seen a case of parents being short while they have tall children? These may account for such:

  • Nutrition: what a person eats greatly influences how tall a person becomes. Growth, an irreversible increase in size and structure is affected by what food is consumed by a person. Nutrition is essential in child’s development. Children with proper care and nutrition tend to be taller than those with deficient intake of food.

This is why it is often recommended taking balanced diet starting from early ages. Studies have shown that individuals reach their height peak between 18 and 20 years of age. Early balanced diet influences height.

  • Environment: the kind of nurture received by a child contributes to how tall he grows. Nurture suggests that the area where a person grows up directly affects them and may influence their height. This is connected to some environmental health hazards in an area which may affect their lifestyle such as low access to quality health services, poor water system, and climatic condition.

Lack of good health services may make a child prone to diseases. Not having quality medical treatment for diseases like Down syndrome, Turner syndrome, and Williams’ syndrome may affect how tall a child grow.

  • Exercise: regular exercises help an individual to avoid sedentary lifestyle from their early ages. Exercising is beneficial as it helps in body maintenance and health upkeep. Although, studies haven’t directly reported that exercising can increase height, it is recommended for health tips to lead an active life of which regular exercising is an important part.

It’s not wrong to believe that exercising can improve your height. Studies have shown that psychological state of mind influences growth in a way. You may also be lucky with height if you’re under 25 and still workout often.

How to increase your height?

Many people daily search for how to increase their heights. It’s a good step that shows how importantly you value yourself. It’s significant to note that largely, your height is determined by your genetics composition.

However, nutrients such as protein (beans, chicken, yogurt, eggs, fish, and milk), vitamin D, vitamin A, vegetables, fruits (almonds), sweet potatoes and berries are good for sustained growth especially when they’re consistently consumed within the time frame below 25 years of age.

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