How Do You Know if She Likes You?

Do you have a crush on a girl but aren’t sure if she fancies you back? Maybe she is someone from your workplace or school that you see every day, and you can’t stop thinking about her? One day she might send signals that she likes you, and the next day she seems totally disinterested. It can drive you crazy trying to work out what she is thinking!

Every girl is different, and the subtle hints that they are into a guy might vary. However, many displays of attraction happen subconsciously and are nearly universal. So how do you know if she likes you? These are seven tell-tale signs that will help you determine your next moves.

   1.She smiles when she sees you

Some girls will use a smile as their go−to response to almost anything. However, if a girl smiles at you every time she sees you, this may mean that she likes you. There is also a difference between a polite smile and an enthusiastic smile—a true smile involves the eyes as well as the mouth. A smile is often used to make a person look more approachable, so take the chance to get to know her. If you decide to make a move, ask her some personal questions to show that you are interested in her.

   2.She shoots short glances at you

It is natural to feel paranoid or self-conscious if someone keeps shooting glances at you. What if you are doing something embarrassing? What if you have something on your face or your clothes that you do not know about? If you are sure these aren’t true, there is a much more likely reason: she is attracted to you. We usually spend more time looking at people that we find attractive than at others. 

   3.She runs her fingers through her hair

There are some things that girls do to get guys’ attention. One of those things is to run their fingers through their hair. She may do it from time to time and try to see if you notice. Running her fingers through her hair may also be a sign that she is nervous or uncomfortable. Still, if she is doing this while looking at you and combining it with any of the other actions on this list, it is more likely a sign she likes you.

   4.She licks or bites her lips

Another attractive thing that a girl may do when she likes you is to lick or bite her lips. There is just something so sensual about it that boys will not be able to resist. When a girl licks her lips, especially when making eye contact with you, this may be a “come on” sign that she is into you. This may be a sign for you to approach her soon.

   5.She leans towards you

Body orientation is often a sign that a girl likes you. When she turns her body towards you repeatedly or for long periods, this is one of the body language signs that she may be into you. A girl’s body will subconsciously turn towards someone that she’s interested in. If you want a subtle clue, you can look at her feet. If her feet are turning towards you, this is also a sign. If she talks to you and keeps her body angled away from you or her arms firmly crossed, this is not a good sign.

   6.She gets touchy

One of the signs that a girl is comfortable with you is she’s touchy. Most of the time, the touches that she will give you will be very light. Some boys would be too scared to touch back lightly. There is always a chance that the girl will back away, which probably means that she is uncomfortable. However, if someone has touched you lightly first they most likely won’t be offended if you reciprocate.

There is another sign that she is into you without touching you directly: preening. If you are not familiar with this, examples include removing lint or dirt from your clothes or hair. While you may think that doing this is merely doing someone a favor, ask yourself: are you likely to do this to someone you don’t like?

   7.She blushes when you are around

Some girls blush very easily when they are around someone that they like. You will generally notice this when you see her cheeks look a bit pinkish or look flushed. She may blush when you compliment her. If you point out the fact that she is blushing, she will probably blush even more—we wouldn’t always recommend doing this though as it may embarrass her!

Being observant and keeping an eye out for these signs is recommended if you are wondering if a girl likes you. Seeing just one or two of these signs once in a while does not necessarily show attraction—it could just be a coincidence. However, if you see multiple signs repeatedly and are already wondering if she might like you, she likely does. If this is the case, the ball is in your court, and it’s up to you what you do with it!


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