14 Most Practical Yet Thoughtful Ideas Your Girlfriend Will Appreciate

If her birthday is nigh and you’re tired of that forced ‘thank you’ she mouths every year, then it’s time to change your game. Gifting someone special not only makes them feel good but you as well, especially if they squeal with delight. Contrary to many people’s belief, spoiling your girl on her special day or even Valentine’s Day shouldn’t have to make you bend over backward. Most girls will value the gesture, and will most likely feel pressured to buy you something as well on your big day! Read through this list of ideas of stuff you can get her:

A lip kit

Does your girlfriend like makeup? There’s no better way to spoil her than get her one of her favorite lip kits. You can sneak into her makeup bag while she’s away, and find out what shade of her extensive collection is running out, what brand she likes, or just plainly ask her! You may save her around $40, not to mention buying her something that she will find valuable and useful.

Get her a hometown date

Show her that you value her by taking her to your hometown for a date. If your girlfriend truly loves your personality and is interested in your background, there’s no better way to spoil her. Introduce her to your friends, colleagues, and other people you trust and value. Take her around, show her the park and all the places you loved as a child, or just to hang out with your family pet. Girls today value such experiences that you may otherwise dismiss as mundane. A trip to your hometown and an introduction to your friends and family will be an experience that she will cherish for a long time.

A statement piece of jewelry

Every girl loves some bling, and there’s no better way to show your love for her than with a statement piece of jewelry that she can use to pump up her outfits. You can either go for artsy pieces that show off her bohemian side or something sophisticated and posh. Again, you don’t want to give her a locket that most girls in her school are already wearing. Go the extra mile and have it personalized and also ensure that it fits well. You can also make a bracelet more functional by adding a watch to it. Jewelry lasts long, and every time she sees that statement piece or cute rings, she will remember you.

Forever flowers

Heard of the concept of forever flowers (flowers that stay vibrant and alive for 365 days)? Now you have. While some girls may find flowers too cheesy, others with a different personality will squeal if you bring her such a gift. You may be surprised that most girls won’t ask you for flowers, but will be floored if you bring her a box of these remarkable roses. If she loves plants and nature, this gift will make for an unbelievably lovely gesture.

Get her something that represents her ‘spirit’

What’s your girl all about? The military? Science? Cars? Getting her gifts that represent these important likes will show that you ‘see’ her and appreciate the things she seems to love as well. What’s more, such gifts have the element of uniqueness, and you don’t want to give your girlfriend the same gifts you gave your ex. If you think she won’t find out, all she will do is take one look at her Instagram and find the same lame bracelet. If she’s a biology major, for example, you can get her anything biology-related, like a bio-molecule chain. Such gifts will also require you to search the depths of the Internet, which increases their acceptability.

Essential oils

Essential oils today are the in-thing considering the hectic schedule she may be going through. Such a gift will be invaluable for a girl working eighteen-hour shifts, struggling through grad school, or preparing for a stressful professional exam. Essential oils are extracted from plants and concentrated via distillation, then mixed with some carrier oil that she can either inhale or apply to her wrists. A lavender-based essential oil will help her with insomnia and stress, while tea tree will help her with unending flu.

A Starbucks gift card

Make her mornings for the next few days by giving her a loaded Starbucks gift card. If your girl is a working machine that leaves the house at dawn every day, make her mornings easier by buying her some coffee. The gift card will be especially appreciated if she loves coffee. A Starbucks cup can set her back anywhere between $2 and $5, and you could be helping her save $25 every week. Helping your girl save that kind of cash every week will put you in her good graces for days. Make an extra effort and find her favorite order to make the card extra special.

A manicure appointment at a special spot in town

Her schedule may be hectic, but no girl will say no to a few hours of pampering and the opportunity to paint her fingers some pretty colors. If you can squeeze in a pedicure, even better. Most girls in college survive just fine by themselves by doing their own nails (and do a great job at it), but often wish they could go to a beauty salon and have some lovely acrylics or gel nails done. If you can, sit by her side and be her mani-pedi partner for the day. If you wish to spoil her on a budget, go DIY! Get yourself all the tools, polish, and oils, and do her nails yourself. You’ll have some time to talk and bond, while you show that what her feet look like doesn’t really matter to you.

A kitchen appliance

By listening to her talk, you’ll identify a piece of equipment she would give anything to have, or that could complement her lifestyle choice. You may hear her talk of wanting a hand mixer, a sandwich toaster, or even an oven! If you have the budget for it, surprise her with any of these pieces. If she wants to lose weight and get healthier, a blender for making juice from the fruit and making smoothies is something she will use and cherish for life. If possible, get one in her favorite color, and get a brand that’s well-known and will provide her with excellent service for years.

Personalized blanket

If your girl is an introvert and her idea of a perfect Friday night is curling up on the sofa with a novel and glass of wine, then there’s no better gift than a blanket. Introverts love blankets, so a personalized one will literally floor her. You can have one made covered with your best photo memoirs, or even her pet, or any other thing that she loves. If she’s the sentimental type, hunt for a photo of your first date or anniversary, or even make her laugh with a (mortifying) picture of her as a child.

Makeup for her vanity

Another gift that may show how much you value her taking the time to look good every day would be a full makeup set. Eyeliner, foundation (her perfect shade or a brilliance booster), or a lovely eyeshadow pallet will truly make her day. Complete her makeup set with a vanity mirror, plus a dressing table to make a statement gesture.

A trip to the Happiest Place on Earth

Some gifts are made perfect because of the experience and laughter, and that couldn’t be more the case than with a trip to Disney World. It may be a bit on the pricier end, but it will be worth it. Relive your favorite movies together live and in color. Be sure to pass by Disney World’s Hollywood studios to check out Star Wars: Galaxy Edge and Toy Story Land if she loves the movies, or Pandora: The World of Avatar in the Animal Kingdom. Don’t forget to take some selfies for the Gram.

A cashmere sweater or scarf

Make the winter less painful for your girlfriend with a lovely cashmere sweater or scarf. This way, she doesn’t have to stay away from you every single time because she’s sniffling away. Make a point of purchasing one in a color that she loves or that she feels comfortable wearing to work or school. This way, it will be useful and practical.

A book series

What was her favorite book in middle school or high school? If she’s a nerd, she most likely spent her weekends hurdled over a book series that she would love to re-read. If she’s a science major or loves astronomy, for example, get her a book with all she can read about outer space. Books are often an indication that you truly understand what she likes. She will truly appreciate it.



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