House Cleaning Tips For Pet Owners

Keeping your home clean can be a task at the best of times, even if it is only yourself who lives in your home. Time disappears, and after a full day of work, it can be difficult to want to get out the hoover or start deep cleaning out the bath.

If you then pair that responsibility with a pet, things can get a lot messier a lot faster – especially if you have free-roaming buddies.

This piece is going to look at some house cleaning tips for pet owners so you can keep everything fresh and tidy – or as much as possible.

Let’s get into it.

Clean as You Go

Deep cleans are important for getting rid of bacteria and keeping everything fresh, but cleaning as you go also has its merits.

For pets that are in a cage, spot cleaning can be very beneficial to keep things cleaner for longer, but for those with dogs and cats, keeping on top of shed hair, toys, water spills, food, and half-eaten animals every day can save you a lot of hassle in the long run. If you can run a hoover over your carpet every day, then there is less chance for the hair to build up. If you spot-clean your cat’s litter tray, they will be able to use it for much longer before a deep clean.

This means when it comes to those deep clean days, you only need to focus on washing the toys and blankets.

Keep Your Pet Clean

It is hard to keep your house clean if you have a pet running around that isn’t. Only one dirty puddle is enough to become your arch-nemesis in the home. Not to forget that “wet dog smell” is not often a popular scent in the home.

Bathing your animals when it is desperately needed is one of the best ways to keep your home clean. It can be a bit of a handful, but some treats usually help it go much more easily than without.

It is important to invest in the correct products, as many human ingredients are not suitable for animals. Head over to for products that are specially designed for washing your pup.

Use Protective Covers  

Plenty of us have a rule before our pets come home that they are not allowed on the sofa or the bed or they are only allowed in certain rooms. This tends to go out of the window when we realise it is them who has us trained rather than the other way around, and the puppy dog eyes, and cute snoots don’t help.

There is little point in trying to fight the inevitable, so taking some preventative measures might be the better option instead.

Using protective covers over your sofas, chairs, and bed means you can easily clean these whenever you need to. It can prevent stains, or if there is an accident it will be much easier to get it out of a cover designed for pets, rather than your actual sofa furniture.

Hard Flooring Over Carpets

Carpets can be a pain in the backside to clean at the best of times and having a little scamp running around inside is only going to make it much dirtier than usual. Bacteria build-up can also be an issue, and trapped odours are not usually popular with residents or guests to the home alike.

Investing in hard flooring means you will be able to mop up any accidents and keep everything hygienic much more easily, which is especially important if you have children too.