The Ultimate List of Healthy 53 Homemade Face Mask Recipes for Women

Banana Face Masks

7. Pimple Fighting Banana Face Mask



If there is one common ingredient everyone has at their home, that is banana.

You will be surprised how many ways you can use a banana for your face. This is just the beginning.

8. Wrinkle Removing Banana Face Mask



Because of the high mineral content in banana, you can actually use it to fight off signs of aging.

You want your skin to stay silky smooth and healthy? Get yourself a banana mask.

9. Banana Face Mask for Dry Skin



Not only banana helps you prevent signs and symptoms of aging, but it also helps you with signs of dry skin.

Moisture is crucial for a healthy skin, and a banana mask can go a long way.

10. DIY banana face mask treatments



Facial treatments are not a must, but they are very much welcomed addition to your skincare routine.

You know you want one, but you do not want to pay for one at the beauty salon?

No problem, grab one banana, and the rest is easy.

11. Banana & Olive Oil Face Mask



The best part about trying banana face masks is that you can combine with other simple and cheap ingredients.

Like this one, all you need is banana and olive oil, and you have a mask that will make your face look beautiful.

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