Guide to Hong Kong apartments

Hong Kong is famously one of the most prestigious property markets in the world. A prime real estate location that acts as a commercial nexus between the East and West with a rich, diverse culture and a business gateway to China. HK has a vibrant city with a contrasting dichotomy of old and new. From the hustle and bustle of Central, Sheung Wan and Wan Chai, to the peaceful beaches and country surrounds on Lantau and the new Territories there is an array of real estate to cater to a variety of lifestyles. Whilst it is true that Hong Kong is one of the most expensive locations in the World, if one is prepared to travel out from the city centre then it offers many affordable options.

With Hong Kong apartments for rent the traditional method of an owner renting out their property is to go via a real estate agency. The agent or realtor will find interested potential tenants and give them viewings of the apartment. In addition to this the agent does a land registry search on behalf of the tenant in order to ascertain that the landlord does indeed own the property. If the tenant decides to take the apartment then the estate agent facilitates the signing of a tenancy agreement. The standard fee for these services is one months rent, which is split fifty percent between the landlord and the tenant. So for example if the monthly rental on an apartment is HK$40,000 then the landlord and tenant would each have to pay HK$20,000 for the services of the real estate agent.

However, as with most other aspects of life, the Internet now allows people to take more direct control over their personal affairs and to be less reliant on agents to act as middlemen and in the process inflate the costs. Similar to other industries such as banking, stock market investment and even online dating, renting out your property can now be done directly without the need for a real estate agent.

Property852 is a real estate website that cuts out the middleman and enables landlords and tenants to connect with each other directly over its high visibility platform. With thousands of site visitors every day Property852’s advanced search filter functions make finding your ideal property both fast and simple. From parking spaces to flat-shares the site offers and array of properties rented and sold directly from the owner, meaning no agency fees to pay. Just a simple one-off payment of HK$288 to advertise your property listing for three months. For more details on how to start taking direct control of your rentals check out the website.