7 Tips To Plan A Successful Move

Change is a constant these days. There are millions of people that have no problems in packing belongings and moving somewhere else. This can happen due to several possible reasons, ranging from a growing family with growing needs to something more specific, like temporary relocation for work.

Regardless of the reason why you move, it is certain that the entire experience will be stressful. You will need to think about many different things and the process can quickly turn into a hassle. In order to avoid problems, here are some very simple tips that will help you plan a successful move.

1. Deal With Address Changes Before The Move

After you reach your new home and you unpack, you want to celebrate. This becomes close to impossible if you have to deal with a really long to-do list. Minimizing that list is a very good idea and you can start with the address change.

It is very simple to save yourself a large part of the annoyance associated with the move when you change your address first. Remember that address changes do not immediately happen. You will need to notify your bank, post office, and several other contacts. Do this before you pack to make sure everything will be updated by the time you reach your final destination.

2. Hire Professional Movers

You might be tempted to save money by packing everything yourself or even actually transporting your belongings. Unfortunately, this is a really bad idea.

We can tell you several reasons why you should always hire professional movers. But the 2 most important ones are the following:

  • Professional movers can guarantee that everything is properly packed and secured during moves. This is particularly vital when you have to transport fragile or expensive items.
  • Professional movers will help you save money. This might not be apparent at first but if you do the math properly, you quickly figure out how true this statement is. One example, is moving a huge piano! You wouldn’t want to move that yourself, you would want to use Piano Movers of Texas or whatever state you’re in to make sure it’s done safely and efficiently.

When you hire movers, get quotes from several reliable service providers. You want to get the best price and hire someone that has adequate experience to deal with a relocation like yours.

3. Create A Moving Tasks Master List

Creating a list makes it very easy to remember everything associated with the move. At the same time, this allows you to quickly check off the to-do items when they are completed. And you will need to remember many things, especially when you move with pets and kids.

Create your list as in advance as possible and do include deadlines. There will be items that will have to be done first. This is why you need to schedule deadlines and then fully stick to them.

Do make an inventory of everything you move. This will help you deal with the insurance provider and you will quickly figure out if you miss something when you pack.

4. Get Your Own Packing Supplies

While moving some items does automatically warrant the use of specialized equipment, like with a piano, most things you will move do not need much for adequate transportation. If you have enough time, you can get most of the packing supplies you need and save a lot of money in the process.

Visit your local package store or grocery store. They might have some boxes that they would offer you. If you have the time to take several trips to such stores, you will get all the boxes you need. The same approach can be taken to get other packing supplies. And you will find it cheaper to buy some, like scotch tape or bubble wrap yourself.

5. Ask Friends For Help

Even when hiring professional movers, some extra help is always helpful. Your friends or family members can help you to physically remove items from the house. Whenever possible, friends can even help you to move items into the new house.

Make sure you line up your friends early. You should be sure that they will be able to assist you. Usually, the best thing you can do is to plan your move during a weekend. This allows for a higher likelihood there will be friends that will be able to help you out on the big day. Just make sure you are nice and you thank everyone for the help.

6. Learn How To Drive Rental Trucks

When you decide to drive a rental truck, do not assume it is very easy. Learn everything associated with it before getting behind the wheel. Some of the things that you should remember include:

  • Trucks are much wider than the average sedan. They are also heavier.
  • Trucks take a longer time and distance to brake.
  • Trucks are not allowed on some roads so you have to be very careful with road signs.
  • Do not pass vehicles that go faster than 40 miles per hour if you do not have experience driving trucks.

7. Get Rid Of What You Do Not Need

The last thing you should remember is that there is a very high possibility you will want to transport several things that are not actually needed. The truth is that a move is a great moment to remove several unwanted items.

Once again, you should make a list of everything that you want to move. See what is not needed at your new destination and see how to get rid of it. You might donate items, sell them, or just recycle them. This is all up to you.

Final Thoughts

Never underestimate how difficult and stressful moving is. There will be several things to plan and many things can go wrong. As a result, the truth is that the sooner you start planning, the better.

Rely on the lists that you create to get you through the entire process. At the same time, whenever you feel overwhelmed, do not neglect the huge help that can be offered by professional movers. They do have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to help you transport anything to any new destination. Moving everything alone is very difficult, especially when you plan an overseas trip.