Getting the Best Personalised Blankets

Blankets are a part of everyday life. You can use them to keep warm, for aesthetics, outdoor activities, you name it. Getting personalised blankets is one way to add some variety to the mundane uses of blankets. You can get a customized blanket to give that personal touch to even the most ordinary activities. 

Here are different ways you could use your personalised blankets, no matter the season.

  1. Warm personalised blankets for winter and autumn.

Winter is coming. By now you can feel the air becoming cooler in your nose when you breathe in and feel a stinging sensation. What better time than now to invest in blankets and duvet covers that will keep you warm and cozy all through the winter? 

Your old blankets with fraying ends are not suitable for this winter. It is a new season, so out with the old and in with the new. Wanapix personalised blankets are not only thick enough to trap the heat in but long-lasting as well to endure this winter and the next. Also  —and this is the good part —it’s customized specially for the owner.

That means you can get blankets from Wanapix that you cannot readily find in any convenience store. You get to choose your pictorial design or embroidered inscriptions. You may decide to make a collage of different pictures to set a different feeling when you snuggle and curl your feet under it.

Have you tried holding your phone or tablet while you are under your blanket? It either slips off, or you have to apply so much force to hold it in place. That’s why sleeved blankets are made. We have big sizes for adults and smaller sizes that come with stuffed animals for the kids. Now they can run around in the evenings and play with their toys while protected under soft, plush, covers. You also do not have to drop your phones once covered. 

  1. Personalised soft picnic blankets for spring

Gladly, the winter seasons don’t last forever. The harsh cold ends, and the snow begins to clear out, flowers will blossom, trees will get their green again as birds will join in rejoicing about the most beautiful season of all; Spring. The season of picnics in nature’s beauty.

You will need a brand new and original picnic blanket that you can show off with, have a picnic date or outing with your friends or family, whatever! A comfortable picnic blanket design (with your face(s) on it) will suit any occasion. personalised picnic blankets will make you look and feel more special on your mat beside every other group on their picnic. 

Stay ahead by sending in your designs for a picnic blanket now so that you can have your unique design ready when the flowers begin to bloom again. Do not wait on this. 

Suppose you’re someone who loves taking pictures of your meals, surroundings, nature, or making vlogs of your experience. In that case, you’re going to love our blankets. What is more unique than posting a picture or video of your food, besides your purse, AirPods, and other stuff, all on a retry blanket with your face on it? That is a sure way to get tons of comments on your videos or post. 

  1. Personalised comfy travel blankets for the summer

Making preparations for summer cannot be overlooked. The warmest time of the year and, not surprisingly, the most anticipated. Summer is always full of activities like getting your summer body, going on a trip, hiking, going to beaches, and camping.

Personalised comfy camp blankets or travel blankets, with your name or any preferred text on them, are also part of what we do in Wanapix.

If you’re a parent, you can never go wrong with one because it helps separate your kid’s camp blankets from others who might have bought similar products. Plus, that way, they will not lose it quickly. 

You get to design your personalised blankets online with our online Web editor and have the blankets delivered at an affordable rate. That way you’re sure that you will love your incoming order because it was your very own design. 

Some of our blanket models include:

  • Embroidered travel blanket
  • Blanket poncho
  • Sherpa fleece blanket
  • Sleeves blanket
  • Fleece blanket and 
  • Coral fleece blanket

All our models are made with premium quality materials and are very durable. For customized blankets that will serve you well, come shop with us.