Is Cliff Hanger Coffee Worth the Premium Price?

Passionate coffee makers and baristas have their preferences of choosing coffee beans that can give them the best mix and concentrated ingredients for making the finest coffee beverages. These drinks range from strong flavored coffee to different coffee cups mixed with add ons such as milk, cream, and sugar. To find the best brands of coffee beans, a person must be aware or equipped with knowledge combined with their love for creating excellent coffee.

Kicking Horse Coffee: Cliff Hanger Coffee

One of the most reputable brands in the coffee making industry is known as the Cliff Hanger Coffee, manufactured and distributed by the company Kicking Horse Coffee. The coffee distributor is known for its consistent twenty years of veterancy in making refined coffee products. It has already achieved general recognition and cult status amongst coffee lovers and aficionados.

The company of Kicking Horse Coffee has been voted Canada’s Top Selling Organic Fairtrade Coffee for its thirteenth year of operation. Any passionate coffee maker may check out their product Cliff Hanger by Kicking Horse, for its great resulting espresso shot that can be mixed with other additions in creating different coffee variations. Kicking Horse’s CliffHanger coffee product is one of the most ordered coffee products with the Amazon online trading community.

Cliff Hanger coffee is a famous brand chosen by its customers due to its coffee beans’ pleasing composition. Kicking Horse Coffee roasters originates from sources and farms based in British Columbia and Canada. The finely grounded coffee beans are surprising of excellent quality, which is a pride of Canadian origin and export loved by its clients.

Kicking Horse Coffee has its center based in the Canadian Rockies and has been expanding its array of coffee products purchased via the online method. Kicking Horse coffee is known to sell whole coffee bean blends. Still, it has now included their sales with different ground coffee blends variants, which gives customers many items to choose from that can meet their coffee-making criteria and processes.

Features of Cliff Hanger Coffee

Cliff Hanger Coffee is one of the espresso products manufactured and distributed by the coffee company known as Kicking Horse Coffee. The brand of Cliff Hanger Coffee espresso is famous in demand by coffee enthusiasts ever since they have tried the product. It is well received for its organic and unique flavor, which is an excellent export from Canada’s country.

Cliff Hanger Coffee as an Espresso

Espresso is an Italian method of processing beans to make a concentrated shot. The pure shot of espresso is made by pressurizing water to pass through a tightly packed cake of fine ground coffee beans. The water is forced and introduced with the coffee beans in high temperature that assists with the absorption and extraction of organic ingredients, residues, chemicals, and natural oil, resulting in a pure espresso shot.

The espresso shot made by Cliff Hanger Coffee is known to be pure and has a high intensity of flavor. The espresso is made with coffee beans sourced from Central America, which is famous for its coffee beans’ good acidic substance. The Central American coffee beans are then blended with Ethiopian fruity coffee beans and lower-acidity beans hailing from Indonesia’s southeastern country.

The product of Cliff Hanger Coffee beans comes in a 2.2 lb or 1 kg of packaging. The blend of coffee beans from several exotic origins is both Fair Trade and certified organic. The coffee beans included within a Cliff Hanger Coffee pack are smaller in size and denser in quantity than other coffee bean products.

Cliff Hanger Coffee bean blends are sporting a wet look upon the opening of its packaging. It means that its beans are roasted for a longer duration, which lets all the substances and oils have only started absorption upon its packing. The espresso beans are finely grounded in smaller particles with an adequate quantity of oil to prevent clogging and malfunction of any espresso machine they might be placed for creating espresso shots.

Is Cliff Hanger Coffee worth its Premium Price?

Absolutely Yes. The Cliff Hanger Coffee produces an excellent espresso shot with a robust flavor. When mixed with other ingredients to make a coffee beverage, the espresso shot is noticeable smooth and silky upon intake. It features a strong and blackcurrant aroma with minimal traces of brown sugar and milk chocolate with a final appearance similar to a cocoa drink.


Kicking Horse Coffee is a coffee manufacturing company based in the Canadian Rockies and British Columbia. It has a reputable espresso-making brand known as the Cliff Hanger Coffee, whose beans are sourced from Central America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. CliffHanger Coffee products are well-received and worth its premium price, resulting in a concentrated, pure, and aromatic espresso shot.

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