Find the Best Face Mask for Your Face

Until 2020 introduced us to the Corona 19 virus, most of us had no knowledge of how to properly use a face mask. Let alone how to buy one that would work effectively. 

If you work in the medical industry there is no doubt that your family has asked you a million questions about face masks and what options are available. Chances are though if you are searching for how to purchase the best face mask you are not terribly familiar with the product.

Factors to Consider

You already know that everyone’s face is unique and different. It is the exact same when it comes to their preferences. No one wants to wear a mask but we all know we need to protect others from this deadly virus. You can make the best of a tough situation by finding the best mask for you. 

Some key factors to consider are how the mask will secure behind your ears and if you wear glasses that is a whole other set of issues.

Wearing Glasses and a Mask

Wearing glasses and a mask together seemed impossible to begin with. It never fails as soon as you put on the mask and breathe your glasses fog and you can not see. You likely were told a lot of DIY fixes and tried them. One popular method was wiping your eyeglasses down with shaving cream. Some people claim to have had success with this method. People have even claimed that anti-fog wipes can solve the problem. 

To solve the problem of fogging glasses when wearing your mask you have to start by stopping what is causing it. It happens when air exits through the opening at the top of your mask. If you wear glasses you will need to purchase a mask that will fit snug over your nose and cheeks. You will need to look for masks with nose wires. These allow you to form fit the mask so air will not escape through the top and fog your glasses. Making sure to exhale slowly through your nose can also help.

Face Size

When shopping for a face mask, the size of your face and the ratios of your features will have an effect on what types of mask you prefer. Most mask securely behind your ears. The material used to make these straps can vary so finding one that is comfortable for you should be easy. Your best bet is to purchase with adjustable ear straps because this allows you to get more of a custom fit.

Having adjustable straps also allows you to take advantage of products that help to secure your mask without having to place pressure on your ears. When you have to wear the mask for a long period of time, the straps behind your ears can become painful and even rub you raw. Adjustable straps on your mask allow you to loosen it enough to use something else to secure it. 

You need to make sure that your mask is made of a breathable material but still offers protection. An easy way to test your mask is to get a spray bottle full of water. Put your mask in front of the nozzle and spray—if your mask kept the water from spraying through, it will stop your germs and sneezes. If the water goes straight through, the mask is too thin. You also want your mask to fit snuggly to your face so that you are containing your germs and not spreading them.

Choosing perfect face masks will take time. Keep in mind you will be wearing it often to make sure that it is comfortable. Your first priority is to find one that will work in containing your germs so we can stop the spread of this virus. Functionality is more important than if it is comfortable or fashionable, but if you take the time to look you can find one that will be perfect for you and satisfy all your wants and needs.