Find out what makes Clip in hair extensions so incredible

Are you unsatisfied with the way your hair looks? Perhaps, you want a different color? Thinning of hair or not having the kind you wish can diminish your confidence. Don’t you wish there was a way to have longer, fuller and attractive hair quickly? You can do all that safely and effectively without damaging your hair with clip in hair extensions. It is the best form of hair enhancement that you could want. What is it, and what are the advantages of wearing extensions? 

What are clip-ins?

It is hair extensions with clips attached to the wefts (a collection of hair strands sewn onto a piece of fabric). The wefts can be attached to your hair quickly with the clips that come with them. The entire process hardly takes a few minutes. Taking it off is as easy as putting it on. Clip-ins have great longevity and require very little maintenance.

What are the various advantages of wearing clip extensions?

It gives you a natural appearance

Any alteration or addition to your natural hair should not stand out as that ruins the overall impression. Hair extensions with clips fit in exceptionally well with the rest of your hair. It is better to have a hair length of at least six to seven inches long for optimum results. Wefts can be easily noticed if you wear them on hair shorter than the recommended length. 

It is temporary 

Don’t want to wear it after a special occasion or when you are alone? Just take it off. It’s that simple. It is not fixed permanently on your head, which is why it appeals to a large population segment. If you are tired of a particular hairstyle, you can always choose another. 

Choose any color you want

Hair extensions attached to clips let you try as many colors as you want without causing any damage to your hair. You can experiment with different colors, including brown, ombre, and black. There is no other safer and simpler way of changing your hair color. 

Hardly any maintenance required

Perhaps no other form of hair enhancement requires as little maintenance as hair extensions attached to clips. You don’t have to spend hours worrying about it being damaged in any way. When tangles begin to form after repeated use, you can easily remove them by brushing them gently. If you want, you can brush it before and after every use with a paddy hairbrush.

Get the volume you want

Hair extensions with clips can add volume to your hair instantly. Thinning of hair can be a cause of concern and is easily noticeable too. You will receive an enormous confidence boost after adding wefts to your existing hair. But can you use clip in hair extensions if you have medium to thick hair? Absolutely! In that case, you will have to use thicker wefts that blend effortlessly with the rest of your hair, giving it a voluminous look. 

How to wear clip extensions?

The entire process is straightforward and, with practice, will hardly take any time. First, select the area where you want to place the hair extension. Then choose a strand of hair whose width is equal to that of the hairpiece. Comb your hair backward while keeping an inch from the scalp to create thickness for the clip to be placed since that is where it will be least noticeable while being extremely secure and comfortable. Some hairspray at the root will provide it with extra texture. It is advisable to avoid placing the clipping in the crown area with fine hair since that will make the extension tracks visible.

How often should I wash the hair extensions?

Hair extensions, unlike natural hair, do not receive oil from the scalp and don’t require regular washing. A good way of knowing whether it needs a wash or not is to see whether there is a build-up of dirt or there is tangling in the hair. However, if you have oily hair, you can wash the extensions after wearing them five times. With dry hair, you can wear it fifteen to sixteen times before it will need a wash. 

Things you should avoid with hair extensions

Some things are best avoided while wearing hair extensions. One of them is swimming, either in a pool or in any other body of water. Both chlorine, as well as salty water, can damage it significantly. Sleeping with it should also be avoided, as that can cause tangling and other problems. Any physical activity that makes you sweat profusely should not be done, as sweat can decrease the longevity of the extensions. 

Clip in hair extensions has revolutionized the hair industry, and justifiably so. With so many benefits, it is the best form of hair enhancement available. Get one for yourself and flaunt your new look with pride. 

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