Fast, Simple Ways to Look After Your Health

When you’re a mother, it can sometimes feel like you don’t have enough time during the average day to look after yourself. You might be busy caring for your family, running errands, working a full-time job, and everything else can fall by the wayside.

However, looking after your health and well-being doesn’t have to take much time, nor does it have to be complicated. You might be able to give yourself the boost you need with some of these tips below.

Trying CBD Products

Many people experience a wide range of effects when consuming CBD products, such as improved sleep and anxiety levels. If you’ve purchased vape oil, you might ask, can you put CBD vape oil under your tongue?

While vape oil is a fast and easy way to consume CBD, it’s not the same as tinctures. Vape oil is sealed within vape cartridges, which are inhaled through vape pens. In contrast, tinctures are available in dropper bottles and are designed to be opened and put under your tongue if you wish.

Most CBD products are fast and easy to consume, and there’s a wide range of options like edibles, balms, vape oils, and tinctures.

Doing Incidental Exercise

It can sometimes be challenging to find time for exercise routines in your busy life, even if you know how important being active is. Fortunately, incidental exercise is a worthwhile consideration when you’re a time-poor parent.

The incidental exercise involves being more active through your everyday activities. For example, you might take the stairs instead of the lift to get to work or cycle to the office instead of driving. You might not have time for dedicated classes, but you can use your everyday activities to be as active as possible.

Getting Help

Sometimes, the fastest, most straightforward way to take care of your health is by asking for help. You might not know how to look after yourself on your own, or you want the guidance of someone who can make your days more manageable and less stressful.

You might decide to seek the help of a dietician to help with healthy food choices or a personal trainer for fitness. Some people even reach out to mental health professionals when they want to talk about their problems and beauty therapists to feel better about themselves.

Sleeping Well

Having very little free time is a common excuse for busy parents not to look after their health, but sleep is something everyone makes time for. The better the quality of your sleep, the healthier you can be.

If you currently don’t get enough sleep, pay attention to your sleep hygiene. Go to bed at the same time each evening, get out of bed at the same time each morning, and create a relaxing sleep haven with black-out curtains, comfortable bedding, and no technology.

If you struggle to fall asleep at night, look at other easy changes you can make, such as avoiding naps, including physical activity in your day, and managing your worries, so you don’t take them to bed with you.

Eating Healthy Food

While microwave meals are convenient and might be all you have time to prepare, such options can be full of unhealthy ingredients like salt and fat. Time is something many families lack, but eating healthy doesn’t have to take as much time as you think.

You might like to sign up for a meal subscription service where food planning is taken care of for you or prepare and freeze nutritious meals in advance. Swapping bought lunches for homemade ones might also make you feel better while saving you money.

Practicing Self Care

It’s easy for the average busy parent to rarely have enough time for self-care, but it can be easier to fit into your day than you might think. Simple tasks like sitting by yourself with a warm beverage, spending 10 minutes reading a book, or even having a bubble bath at the end of a busy day can be how you take care of yourself

Some people also see the value in spending five minutes practicing mindfulness meditation, allowing you to take notice of your breath and body and helping your daily stresses melt away. Whether you practice self-care at the end of a busy day or during your work breaks, it might have an impact on your overall health and well-being.

Your life might be busy, but taking care of your health doesn’t have to be time-intensive. These tasks above can fit into the most hectic schedule, allowing you to take care of your family’s needs as well as your own.

Picture: Tim Foster