Famous Nobel Prize Winners Of The Universities Of Manchester And Their Contributions To Science

For many years, the University of Manchester has been known for alumni that have been Nobel Prize winners. Manchester is highly regarded for offering top-rated universities and for turning out some of the best scientists worldwide, covering a wide array of disciplines. This UK city continues to attract students pursuing a degree in research and the sciences. At the University of Manchester alone, 25 alumni have received the prestigious Nobel Prize.

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Distinguished Alumni At Famous Manchester Universities

Manchester is home to four major universities and each having distinguished alumni that have gone on to have the most successful careers in various disciplines. Ranging from physics to politics, Manchester has a host of famous people who have attended these schools, many that have been a topic for essay writing by current students. The majority of students that attend colleges here are gearing up for a degree in the sciences, but you can see that many other areas of study are offered.

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Some famous names that have come from Manchester include:

  • Dame Sally Davies, K’s Chief Medical Officer for England, University of Manchester
  • Jason Manford, Comedian and Actor, University of Salford
  • Jonathan Mildenhall, Airbnb Chief Marketing Officer, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Andrew Piraj, Photographer, University of Bolton

University of Manchester Nobel Prize Winners

The University of Manchester is best known for having the highest number of alumni Nobel Prize Laureates. With 25 Laureates among the current staff, former staff, and students, this school is known as Britain’s greatest university, falling just behind Oxford and Cambridge. Here are five people who have changed our world with their inventions, discoveries, and contributions to science.

Ernest Rutherford

Ernest Rutherford – While a professor of physics at Manchester in 1980. Rutherford won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry. He first worked with other chemists at McGill University and together, they showed that radioactive substances emit characteristic alpha and beta particles.

Norman Howarth

Norman Howarth – Developing the synthesis of Vitamin C, his research won him a distinguished Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1937.

Arthur Harden

Arthur Harden – Harden won the prize for Chemistry in 1929 for studies on sugar fermentation. His research led to the stages of converting sugars to alcohol. Harden studies chemistry at Owens College, which later became University of Manchester.

Andrei Geim and Kostya Novoselov

Andrei Geim and Kostya Novoselov – Both professors at University of Manchester, Gein and Novoselov shared the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010. Together, they discovered and prepared graphene, a substance that conducts electrons faster than other materials at room temperature. This exciting discovery is not used in electronics and various composite materials.

In Conclusion

Today, schools in Manchester attract those from all over the world, from aspiring writers to those studying physics. Many who hope to gain acceptance to this school are writing essays on alumni and their many contributions to science. With the hopes of someday joining the ranks of past Nobel Prize winners, those entering colleges in Britain are among the best and brightest.


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