Famisafe: The best parental control app ever made!

In this article, we will introduce Famisafe, a parental control app. This application is very popular because it offers more features than other similar applications. The purpose of this application is not only to control your children’s online activities but more than that, to shape their good digital habits…Want to know more about the screen time app? Keep reading!

How many times have you seen a child using a smartphone or tablet and have you thought: “you have to see, if he knows how it works better than I do”? We even find it funny that our young children know how to play a mobile application or open YouTube and find a video of their favorite drawings. These situations are becoming more and more common in our society and it is not surprising considering the technological revolution that we are experiencing today.

The proliferation and progressive simplicity of all these devices and the almost unlimited accessibility to the Internet is allowing children to have more and more contact with a multitude of electronic devices and that, in many cases, they are the ones in charge of teaching their parents how they must use them.

But we must not forget that, although a priori this whole world can provide them with very useful tools when studying or training, for example, it can also entail dangers. And the thing is that the Internet is a space where content of all kinds fits, many of them inappropriate for minors: violence, pornography, radicalism … Not to mention problems such as cyberbullying or sexting, growing concerns given the possibility of contacting all kinds of people in the network.

For all these reasons, it is convenient for parents to become aware of the importance of supervising and directing their children’s use of new technologies and helping them, especially at an early age, to discern between what they should or should not do on the Internet. Luckily, the same network offers parents a multitude of platforms and parental control tools like Famisafe app that can be useful in these situations.

With Famisafe, you can direct them to activities online that are appropriate and appropriate for their age. But of course, its main function is surveillance and prevention. In this context, you can find out what activities your children are doing on the Internet. You can also prevent them from entering malicious websites and accessing the information there. And of course you can take the final action to end any online dangers that might threaten them. Sounds impressive, right? Now allow us to explain some of the features that you can get from Famisafe app. Please note, we will only cover some features, not all. You can find more information on the official Famisafe site.

– Activity report

With this feature you can find out your children’s online activities. You can also find out which applications were installed, or recently removed. That way you can consider what steps you need to take in response to the situation.

– App usage and blocker

You can find out how much time your kids are spending on an app. This way you can understand which applications they prefer. If you find it dangerous then you can take further steps.

– Screen time

You can apply the principle of “punishing and rewarding” here. You can block the screen in restricted places and times. You can also reward screen time when your child has completed a task.

– Web content

Block all malicious web. You can even find out the search results even if they have been deleted by your child.

– Parental alerts

With this feature you can get alerts whenever your child access dangerous text or photos. This is a very powerful feature, which is rarely found in similar applications.

How to start it all?

1. You need to register. Registration can be done either on the website or in the mobile app which can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.

2. Install the mobile app on your cell phone and your child’s cell phone.

3. After the installation process is complete you can control all devices from the Famisafe dashboard app or web portal.

The pricing:

– Monthly: $ 9.99 / month

With monthly payments you can protect up to 5 devices

– Annual: $ 35.99 / year

You can protect up to 30 devices

– Quarterly: $ 19.99

You can protect up to 10 devices


With all the features it offers, Famisafe is, without a doubt, the best parental control app you can find. And for just $ 36, you can protect up to 30 different devices. We’re sure there aren’t that many in your family! In other words, all the features and prices offered are more than adequate!

Download links:

Google Play

App Store


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