Use Familytime App To Monitor The Activity Of Your Children On Your Mobile With An App

Learn about the practical functions offered by FamilyTime Parental Control App that aims to reinforce the safety of navigation that children use with their smartphone or tablet.

FamilyTime App is a leading parental control solution proactive in threat detection, which helps parents protect their children while surfing the Internet.

Having a tool to manage what your children do with their tablets and smartphones is important for parents. A study commissioned by ESET showed that 88% of parents are concerned about the extent to which their children can be surfing online. In that survey, 81% of parents said they were concerned about the idea of ​​their child visiting inappropriate websites; 71% mentioned that their children provided personal data to strangers; while 61% stressed that the amount of time children invest in the use of mobile devices is excessive.

Despite concerns from parents, the survey revealed that only a few of them have installed a parental control application to help them manage their children’s Internet experiences.

“The application keeps kids safe in their smart mobile devices, offering protection and an optimal user experience, without affecting performance. It is a friendly family protection system for children, which helps parents build a respectful relationship with their children regarding the use of smartphones or tablets. It was designed to help parents protect their children against Internet threats and inappropriate websites and has a lot of protection features for the little ones and an easy-to-use interface.

FamilyTime feature-list includes:

  1. Contact Monitoring: Monitor the contact book of their kids with additional details saved in it such as email address, home address, date of birth etc.
  2. SMS Monitoring: Check SMS history of kids to know who do they talk to and what is that something they talk about.
  3. Contact Watchlisting: Watchlist suspicious contacts to receive alerts every time a contact is made from any side either through call or SMS.
  4. Application monitoring: A system to monitor all installed apps of kids
  5. Application control: Blocks inappropriate content by default based on the child’s age.
  6. Management of screen time: allows parents to limit the time their child spends playing and using other applications, even when the child is away from home.
  7. Web Control: the application automatically blocks preset websites by categories, such as adult sites or with offensive content, based on the age of the child. You can also include additional categories or specific websites.
  8. Children Locator: allows parents to request the current location of the child’s device at any time.
  9. Phone Lock: Parents can put a remote lock on kids’ device that will block the screen of the child’s phone until the kid enters unlock code available with parents.

  10. Reports for Parents: detailed reports on the use of applications and web pages. Reports are available to view at any time using the Parent mode in the application or through, such as receiving it periodically from the parents’ email.

And more.Do you wish to try this app yourself without spending even a penny on it? Well, the good news is you can! Simply visit the app store on your phone and get the trial version of FamilyTime App.

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