Family Gifts That Hit The Tech Spot On Every Child’s Christmas Wish List

The average American is  expected to spend $920 per person on Christmas gifts this year. It’s no secret that the holiday season is expensive, and making sure that  children get presents they’ll truly enjoy is a high priority for many parents. If your kids are desperate for techy gifts, one way to keep costs down is to buy one present for the whole family to enjoy. Buying the perfect tech gift comes with the added bonus of giving you all something to play with together on Christmas Day, which creates an added opportunity for valuable family bonding time. So what are the top techy gifts out there that can be enjoyed by the whole family?
Drone Fun
Drones are definitely popular this year, and much like the remote control cars of the past, they make a great gift for the whole family to enjoy. Consider what your family will get out of a drone before deciding which type to get. Some are able to fly higher than others, and some use GPS navigation systems. If flying is going to be the primary interest of your family, look for models where these are focus features. A model with a controllable camera, on the other hand, might be the best option for the whole family to enjoy. Dedicated selfie models,  often referred to as dronies, are a fun option, and can often be controlled from a smartphone. If your kids  get excited by programming, look for models where you can plan complex flight paths before setting the drone off. For families with younger kids, consider smaller toy models that come with a wrist operated controller so they can manipulate them with a wave of the hand. Whichever model you choose, a drone is guaranteed to keep everyone excited on Christmas Day, and will give you the opportunity for lots of outdoor family adventures for the whole year.
Games And Screens  
Getting every child in the family something in the price range of a games console is out of the question for many parents, but one that the whole family can share can provide great opportunities for everyone to play together when the weather is too cold or wet for family outings. A Nintendo Switch has  great options for family play, but will also adapt into a portable gaming system to keep the kids entertained on long journeys. If your family already has a games console, consider gifting yourselves with a projector, allowing you to turn one whole wall into a screen for games and films, which can really bring screen time to life. Make sure you get games that everyone can enjoy together if you settle on a games console, prioritizing multiplayer options so more than one member of the family can play at once.
Tech gifts may be a bit more expensive, but they tend to be at the top of every child’s wish list. To keep costs down while still getting everyone something they really want, take the opportunity to gift yourselves with some tech-focused bonding time that will bring the whole family happiness all year round.

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