4 Experiential Gifts to Get Your Kid This Christmas

Experiential gifts – that is, gifts that are experiences rather than material items – are all the rage right now, for good reason. Not only is it better for the environment to forego material gifts (and all the gift wrapping that accompany them) but giving experiential gifts also allows you to share in the joy with your kid.

There’s a reason they call it a bonding “experience” and not a bonding “item”. Sharing in the experience of an exciting kids’ audiobook, a nerve-wracking escape room or a thrilling flight simulation can bring you and your kid closer together.

Hard pressed for ideas? Try one of the four following experiential gifts, each special in their own way.

An Audiobook Subscription

A swordfight with a mighty dragon! An adventurous journey through a mythical land! An hour or two with a familiar, fictional friend. These are the gifts you give when you give your kid an audiobook subscription for Christmas.

You can share in the joy, as well, when you tuck your kid into bed and pop on a bedtime story. If you’re looking for a mix of best selling audiobooks and undiscovered treasures, there’s really only one place to go. Audible, the leading audiobook service, has it all. Plus – and you don’t have to tell your kid this – you can use the subscription as well, to listen to your favourite audiobooks once they’ve nodded off.

A Flight Simulation Class

The next generation of pilots needs a real-world way to explore their interest. Rather than get them a model airplane, or a book on aviation, book your kid in for a lesson on a flight simulator.

They get all the high thrills of piloting their very own aircraft, without any of the danger. With a flight simulation class, they can learn the ins and outs of flying from a professional, an unparalleled experience for a fledgling airplane enthusiast.

A Flight to Go See a Loved One

What better way to accompany their new love of flight than to ride on a real airplane? If they’re too young to fly alone, by all means accompany your kid. But, for a true experience of maturity and adventure, book your child a ticket to go visit a loved one alone. It could be grandma and grandpa who live on the other side of the country, or even just a friend who’s moved a couple cities over.

For the flight, be sure to check all the airline guidelines for minors, accompany them to the gate, and make certain there will be someone waiting on the other end. As for their in-flight experience, you’ve already got them a kids’ audio book subscription, so they should be all set!

A (Kid-Friendly) Escape Room Experience

Adult escape rooms can be a little frightening for kids, especially young ones. Luckily, there are kid-centric escape rooms that will satisfy the problem-solver in your life, without overloading them.

Accompany them as they crack codes, solve riddles, and use their precocious sense of logic to escape the locked room. Of course, if they’re unable to escape in time (rare for kids’ escape rooms) you can always give them a few hints!

This Christmas, don’t measure your kid’s enjoyment by the number of boxes under the tree. Measure it by the joy that they – and you – get from experiencing life.

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