The youth of 21 century is quite impatient. Majority of them are seen using fake IDs to get access to nightlife and clubbing. There are many other reasons of using fake IDs such as buying alcohol, pub tours and driving licenses. They haven’t reached to the legal age yet but they have decided not to wait till they reach the age of 21 years. Actually in many countries around the world the legal age to get access to the luxurious life is 21 years. There are many websites over the internet which provides this facility of delivering fake IDs to the doorsteps. Since it has made real easy for the youngsters to get their desires fulfilled.

In a developed country like the United States the legal age is 21 years. If a guy of 20 years tries to get beer for himself or even his friends, it becomes a matter of life and death for him. The minors of the US literally call it a conservative law to be followed. But one thing is obvious the more you restrict your children the more they try to find loopholes and indulge themselves into illegal activities. Same is the case with teenagers in the US, the highest percentage of fake IDs are being used in different states of the US.

There is a list of fake id sites that take orders and deliver the false identifications within 1-3 days. The buyer has to pay some reasonable amount in order to get this service. According to a survey the websites offering the production of fake IDs were ranked. This ranking is based upon the quality of services it offers. The best website in the US is Its winning characteristics include the high quality of ID cards. It resembles that of a genuine ID card which is not splittable or peeled easily with a nail or scrapper. The price demanded is worthy of the quality provided. The delivery time is also very short which attracts more buyers throughout the country. 

The ID printers used by this website is of high quality which produces authentic cards. All the equipment used to manufacture a fake ID card are of extremely high quality. The professionals are well updated with the software and have great command of using them. The customers of this website trust it blindly and refer it to other youngsters as well. If anyone requires a fake ID this is the best website to contact. 

There is another website famously known around the world for the manufacturing of fake IDs. This website is based in China and it is the 2nd oldest website offering this facility to the youngsters. It is known by the name of ID GOD with a URL The features which make it stand out in the crowd of other fake ID websites is the high quality of card used. The fake is made like a genuine and the bouncers get confused about the authenticity of the ID in question. The price demand is not very high but there is no compromise over the quality of the ID card.

Then comes the turn of the website which given a third rank in the niche of websites manufacturing fake IDs. It is present on Google and has the URL It helps the youngster by demanding a very low cost and delivering the false ID in a matter of a few days. Since the youngsters don’t have enough of their savings to pay for their false IDs so this website made it easier for them to enjoy nightlife and buy alcohol before the legal age of 21 years. 

The legal age in Australia is 18 years which is a bit relaxing for the minors. But some of the youngsters reach the age of 15 or 16 and get attracted towards such activities. The urge of accessing these luxuries compel them to get their fake IDs and end up buying them from different websites one of which is It provides all the documents one requires at different stages of life. This illegal activity brings harm to the physical and mental health of the fake ID buyer. So in order to repress this activity one should keep an eagle eye on the youth of this era. 


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