8 Reasons Why the Family Allowance App is a Must-Have for Parents

No matter the age of your child, the need to teach responsibility never ends for a parent. During the early years of their life, it’s all about positive reinforcement. When they get a little older, the rewards transform into logical explanations. But once they are past the age of basic questions, it becomes more challenging to fulfill your duties as a non-traditional teacher to your kids. 

Thanks to the power of technology, it is now becoming easier to survive these challenges with the utmost ease. Take Jassby Family Allowance app, for instance. With purpose-built functionalities and easy to use interface, it is an incredibly simple yet effective way to teach financial responsibility to your child.

To help you learn more about the app’s efficacy, here are 8 reasons why it’s a must-have solution for every parent. 

1. It Lets You Keep Track of Allowance Payments

Jassby app helps you manage all allowance payments in one place. With a single glance at your phone, you can see how much you paid your child, how much they have saved, and when they are going to receive their next payment.

2. It Teaches Financial Management

With purpose-built features, the Family Allowance app makes it easier for your child to see their expenses and allowance income. This gives them a sense of financial management at an early age. It also helps them understand the importance of technology to achieve difficult tasks.

3. It Has an Intuitive Interface for Kids

Since the app is meant to teach finances to children, its usage is not limited to you. Your child can also access it like a makeshift bank account. With its easy interface, bright colors, and integration of cartoon characters, it makes financial management fun for kids.

4. It Focuses on Savings

Apart from helping your child keep track of their allowances, the app also focuses on the aspect of regular and consistent savings. This allows your kid to grasp the concept of saving for a rainy day from additional income. 

5. It Motivates Setting Financial Goals

The app also allows you and your child to set specific goals for anything they want to buy in the future. Apart from motivating your kid to save for what they want, it also helps in encouraging patience for larger purchases. 

6. It Integrates Positive Reinforcement 

Similar to any kid-friendly app that’s worth its salt, the app also focuses on the aspect of positive reinforcement to teach valuable lessons to children. As such, it has an internal rewards system that allows kids to earn stars for good financial decisions.

7. It Encourages Financial Responsibility

The app also has a built-in feature to assign chores to your child. If you provide your kid’s allowance against the chores they perform at home, this could be a significantly helpful feature to teach them more accountability. 

8. Opens Doors to Teach Financial Management

No matter your age, the thought to manage your finances can be incredibly daunting. It is even more stressful for kids, which makes it difficult to hold conversations about financial management. Since Jassby Family Allowance app makes financial authority a fun aspect, it makes it easier to broach related topics in an engaging way. 

By using the app, you can teach your kid how to handle control over their own finances, how to save in order to achieve greater goals, and how to control their expenses at an early age. Overall, it is an amazing solution that every parent should consider trying at least once.

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