Factors to Consider Before Buying CBD Tampons

Cannabidiol is derived from the hemp plant, and the uses increase with each wake. CBD tampons are among the new entries into the market for women. Gradually, the target market is warming up to the idea of tampons that can help eliminate period pain and other symptoms that cause discomfort. Swiss cannabis and those from other regions are used in the manufacture of tampons to help alleviate menstrual discomfort and pain. Advertising material indicates that CBD tampons provide a natural remedy to period pain. Still, it is not wise to buy any of the products in the market without a thorough review of the components they use.

Many factors come into play when using CBD products. Before buying any of the tampons in the market here are some of the top elements that you must consider;


The components they bring together to make CBD tampons is the first aspect that one must evaluate. The amount of hemp they use in each tampon is one of the factors that should affect the choice of one brand over the others available. Other than CBD, the other elements present in the tampon are crucial as you may be allergic to them. The labeling must provide all information about the product. Brands that only list hemp as the ingredient is to be avoided as it cannot be the only ingredient used in the making of tampons.

Origin of the hemp

Hemp is grown in different parts of the world, each with unique characteristics. Some countries permit farmers to grow marijuana, while others do not. Regions that allow the growth of the paint have regulations governing the sector to ensure that the plants they grow to meet the standards for use in medical products. Countries without measures in place to assure quality do not produce the best cannabis and use of the same in tampons may have adverse effects. This factor is among those to scrutinize the last detail alongside the regulations on cannabis growing in the region of origin.

Third-party testing

It is essential to confirm if the tampons you are buying have been tested and approved by the relevant bodies that control the industry. It is hard to trust manufacturers with no third-party testing certificate as the product they put out maybe substandard and harmful. The labs confirm that the ingredients in the products are as listed in the labeling to avoid any adverse effects arising from unlisted components. Information on the third-party testing lab ought to be readily available on the manufacturer’s site. Lack of this info is an indication that one cannot trust the company or its products.

The concentration of CBD in the tampons you choose to buy is a significant factor that cannot take a back seat. The dosage is another element to bear in mind. The amount of CBD that one can use relies on factors such as weight and the condition that one is treating making it a challenge for most women to decide the correct brand to buy.

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