Everything You Need to Know About Rosehip Oil

Have you ever looked at movie actresses and wondered, ‘how is her skin perfect?’ We often get carried away by how everyone else looks, but we do not focus on solutions. You can get flawless skin too!

 While most women use makeup to cover flaws, there are some home remedies to improve skin texture. We are here to share a little beauty secret with you! It is about an ingredient that does miracles to your skin. Here’s a quick hint: Cleopatra used it in her beauty regime. 

You might have heard celebrities vouching for rosehip oil as their beauty secret. If you have a multitude of skin problems, you can solve them all with just this oil. It is an excellent product rich in carotenoids and fatty acids. The oil can help you get natural, flawless skin.

What is rosehip oil?

It is an oil extract taken from roses’ leftover fruit. After the rose petals fall off, the fruit stays behind. The oil is made by cold pressing and some other methods of extraction. They don’t surprisingly smell the same as rose petals. 

The oil has a woody smell as it is not taken from the flower but the fruit. Rosehip oil is produced almost all over the world, as roses are cultivated everywhere. But, the best kind comes from Chile and Lesotho.

You would expect the rosehip oil smell to be flowery, but that’s not true. It smells quite earthy and subtle. 

Why use rosehip oil?

Rosehip oil is suitable for your skin. With regular use, you will see a reduction in pigmentation, scarring, etc. They can also help in blemish removal and skin lightening.

It also has anti-aging properties and can make you look younger, with radiant and flawless skin, and keep the skin hydrated.

The Vitamin E in it has anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce dermatitis, psoriasis, and rosacea. The oil is also great for getting dandruff-free hair. It is used since ancient times to have healthy hair and scalp.

It is also suitable for all types of skin. There is a common fear that you should not use any oil on oily skin. But rosehip oil is an exception because it is non-greasy and quickly absorbs into the skin. You can use them on all skin types.

How to use the oil?

You can start using the product once a day, preferably at night, as the oil will get more time to absorb and repair the skin at night than in the daytime. After some time, you can start using the product twice a day. 

You can also mix them with moisturizer and use it on your face as a night routine. There are also products now available in the form of cream, cleanser, etc., infused with rosehip oil.

The product starts to show effects after prolonged and consistent use.

What to look for while buying rosehip oil?

The two most important things to check are whether the product has an organic certification and is cold-pressed. Cold-pressed oil means it is the first extracted oil through natural means. 

Afterward, they extract oil through additional methods by inducing heat. But it is better to use cold-pressed oil. Similarly, the organic certification can help to identify if the product is genuine or not.

Rosehip oil is a must-try skincare product. However, if you have acne-prone skin, you need to test if it causes any breakouts. Stop usage immediately if there are any such issues. Even if you have acne issues, you can use the oil for your hair. Either way, it is a value add to your beauty collection.

Additional Benefits of Rosehip Oil

If you think that rosehip oil is only suitable for your skin, you are mistaken. The oil is also used for moisturizing and conditioning damaged hair. It also nourishes the scalp and encourages hair growth

In case you want longer and stronger hair, apply rosehip oil. All you have to do is combine this oil with your regular hair oil. You will get the best of both worlds!