Essential Travel Tips for Ultra-Hot Destinations

You deboard the plane, carry-on bag in tow, ready to enjoy your destination. Then it hits you like an inferno – a wall of heat that instantly sets your sweat glands to work.

Certain parts of the world, like North Africa, the Middle East and the Southwestern United States, are extremely hot. And other places, like beach destinations in the Caribbean, Australia and even Southern Europe, can occasionally rise to sweltering heat levels.

If you’re travelling somewhere hot, chances are you already know what’s in store – maybe you even planned the vacation around intense heat – but you should still be prepared. Here are a few essential tips for surviving plant earth’s searing extremes.

Pack a Collapsible Water Bottle

It is imperative to stay hydrated in extreme heat. Failing to do so can cause heatstroke, which is disruptive at best and fatal at worst. To ensure that you always have fresh water at the ready, pack a collapsible water bottle. Why collapsible? You want to minimize the amount of luggage you bring (and therefore have to carry around), so every space-saving measure counts.

Download a Sunburn App

Whether you’re in Cabo or Kabul, the hot sun can burn you if you aren’t careful. Most people are diligent about applying sunscreen often enough, but even the most ardently sun-safe individuals occasionally forget. That’s where an app can come in handy. Check out the free sun-safe apps listed in this Lifehacker article.

Deck Yourself in Merino Wool

You might be thinking: wool, really? But merino wool is no ordinary wool. This fine-fibred type of wool from the prized merino sheep breed is soft, light and – crucially – breathable. Merino wool is also sweat-wicking, meaning that it moves moisture away from your body, keeping you dry. The best hot-weather merino wear on the market are these Unbound Merino shorts and t-shirts, which, in addition to beating the heat, also look great.

Map the Malls, Convenience Stores and Theatres

Map out your places of refuge before you venture out for the day. If you plan on strolling the streets of Cairo or Dubai, far from your hotel, make sure you know where the nearest available AC is. Your best bets for air-conditioning are malls, convenience stores and theatres.

Mind Your Eyes

In addition to heat, the sun also puts out some intense rays. To protect your eyes, pack a pair of polarized sunglasses and a brimmed hat. The latter will also help protect your un-sunscreened head from burning up!

Time Your Trip Wisely

Finally, you can avoid the worst pitfalls of extreme weather destinations by timing your trip wisely. Before you book, take a few moments to look at seasonal and monthly climate averages. Choose the most moderate time of year, provided it doesn’t coincide with other weather extremes like monsoons.

The world’s hottest destinations happen to be home to some of the world’s finest attractions: the Pyramids of Giza, the Burj Khalifa and Death Valley, to name a few. If you plan on visiting, stay safe with the tips above!