From its incredible temples to the tombs of pharaohs and historical treasures, Egypt is a tourist destination of many colors. The culture is rich, and the people are receptive. Did you know that the Egyptians invented the 365-days calendar that helped predict the Nile river’s flooding?

Nile River

Did you also know that slaves didn’t build the pyramids as most people think? Yeah, Egypt’s great pyramids were built by paid laborers who were happy to be a part of such a mammoth and historical landmark.

Abu Simbel

We could go on and let you in on more fun facts about Egypt and its bubbling cities, including Cairo (which is the largest city in Africa and the Middle East). Now, let’s step on the brakes and discuss 8-day Egypt tour.

So, where do you have in mind on visiting when the world gets the all-clear to fly? We are sure you have been thinking about your next tour after the COVID-19 pandemic. Same here.

Best Places to Visit in Egypt

Egypt is arguably one of the most traveled tourist destinations on the globe. With a population of over 100 million warm and receptive people, Egypt offers the astounding cultural diversity and, of course, mesmerizing attractions.

Going on tour to Egypt is the perfect getaway from all the stress and tiring schedule. It also presents an opportunity to see one of the world’s seven wonders, the great pyramids.

In addition to the great pyramids, Egypt is also packed with choice locations and attractions like the valley of the kings, the white desert, the Nile River, and the rich Egyptian museum in Cairo, among countless others.

There is also something for beach lovers, pilgrims, cultural enthusiasts, and those seeking adventures. With all its unique historic sites, tombs, and famous temples, you should consider adding an 8-day Egypt tour to your travel itinerary.

Speaking of travel itinerary, how about we look at some heart-warming tourist attractions you wouldn’t want to miss in Egypt.

Are you feeling excited already? Let’s head straight into it.

1. The Great Pyramids of Giza And the Stunning Sphinx

Group at Giza Pyramids
Group at Giza Pyramids

It’s almost impossible to mention Egypt and not talk about the majestic pyramids and Great Sphinx. With over 120 pyramids gracing the horizon and housing the pharaohs’ tombs, you are sure going to have a memorable experience out there.

While on your Egypt day tours, you should make time to visit the last surviving of the ancient wonders of the ancient world, the pyramids of Giza. In addition to their intimidating height, they are also considered some of the oldest pyramids.

Your tour of the pyramids won’t be complete without a stop at the thrilling Sphinx. Surrounded by mysteries and sculptures of mythical creatures, you don’t want to miss out on this popular attraction.

2. The Egyptian Museum Cairo

Egyptian museum in Cairo

If you are looking to grace your eyes with artifacts and archeological treasures from Tutankhamen’s tomb, Cairo’s renowned Egyptian museum is where to be.

Over the years, the museum has welcomed thousands of history buffs from every corner of the world. While touring the museum, you will be dazzled by the golden faces of kings, royal artifacts, and of course, the royal mummies exhibit.

The Egyptian museum is where you go to experience a rich history of Egypt. Every piece on display tells a story about Egypt’s history.

3. The White Desert

Egypt Desert

Photo by Heather Shevlin on Unsplash

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “desert”? Scorching heat and vast land covered in sand.  It may interest you to know that there is a part of Egypt’s desert with a snowy look (similar to what we have in winter). This snowy looking expanse of desert is a natural wonder, and tourist troop in to see for themselves.

Its white and snowy look is due to its picturesque chalk mountains whose debris adorns the surrounding. You should see the white desert for yourself. It promises a unique and memorable experience.

4. Alexandria

Alexandria Egypt

The famous city of Alexandria is a lively city with incredibly warm residents. The city is renowned for its fish restaurants spread along the coast — thanks to the Mediterranean sea’s generosity.

In addition to its bustling streets, other thrilling attractions in the area include remnants of Alexandria’s city rich in architecture.

While taking a stroll around the city of Alexandria, you can treat your taste buds to some pastries in any of the old patisseries dotted across the city. Oh! The coffee is superb here, as well.

Alexandria also houses one of the largest libraries in the ancient world, the Bibliotheca Alexandria. When you hear people regard Alexandria as a place of learning, it’s because of this knowledge citadel.

Its shelves are home to old manuscripts, which allows you to peek into ancient knowledge. The library also has a planetarium for your entertainment. Before you leave Alexandria, it would be fun if you take a trip to the Citadel of Qaitbay.

You will find the lighthouse of Alexandria in the vicinity with many tourists and locals around.

If you have some calories to spare, you can join others in climbing the structure. The reward is a panoramic view of the pristine blue coastline.

5. Siwa Oasis

Siwa Oasis egypt

If you are looking to have some quiet time, away from the city’s buzz and noise, take a trip to Siwa Oasis. It’s serene and a perfect location to experience both Berber and Arab culture in Egypt.

The local dialect is terrific, and you get to spend quality time in traditional mud accommodation with an unhindered view of the glittering stars at night. All of these are barely scratching the surface of all the beautiful attractions in Egypt.

Other incredible places to visit in Egypt include:

Mount SinaiSharm el-Sheikh, Luxor, The Hanging Church, Marsa Alam, Aswan, Tahrir Square, and many more.

Get A Professional to Handle Your Egypt Nile Cruises

Nile cruises

To make the most of your Egypt itinerary, it’s always best to let a professional travel tour company plan your trip. This way, you’ll be sure you’ve left no stone unturned in your quest to experience the thrills, exquisite cities, and charming attractions Egypt has to offer.

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