Empaths Need These Crystals to Keep Their Aura Strong

For me, empaths are really interesting people. I adore how sensitive they are. You can easily recognize an empath.

These are the people that have the ability to absorb energy from others. It’s strange for me because I’m not that kind of person. I tend to share my positive energy anywhere I go.

The sensitive people out there have a lot of trouble managing their levels of positive and negative energy. They just can’t find the right balance.

Like my mother said: “I can’t control it. It’s bigger than me. It “forces” me to be like that from deep down inside.”

She is an amazing person.

They can be easily influenced by the aura of others. Have you met a person like this?

Only a few people know how to protect themselves from the negative aura. I don’t know if the stones do the bigger part or it’s in their mind.

I will let you be the judge of that.

I’ve noticed several people over the past week wearing these stones that protect them from negative energy and keep their auras strong.

See them as shield and sword. The shield protects the negative aura while the sword cuts through it.

Let’s see what empaths need to wear all the time to stay protected:


It keeps the aura connected with the earth beneath you. The Hematite gives you strength and the entire loving energy of the earth. It helps you stay focused, as well.

Black Tourmaline

This stone helps you repel black energy and psychic attacks. It boosts your aura and helps to ward off emotionally charged people.


The strongest stone.

It acts directly on your energy field. It’s the shield for your aura. A shield for itself.

It absorbs the bad energy from the environment and purifies it.


This stone is more like a stabilizer of aura. If you’ve been hanging out with unbalanced people, this stone will bring back the balance and keep healthy boundaries.


It’s up to you now. Let’s say your job is to spread the word and help every empath in finding out how to stay protected.

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Source: Higher Perspectives

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