Dreaming Of Someone Dying: What Does It Mean To Dream Such Dreams?

Dreaming of someone dying. Most of us have experienced that kind of a dream. Dreaming of someone dying is not pleasant. Dreaming of someone dying is disturbing. Dreaming of someone dying is terrifying and basically a nightmare.

But what does dreaming of someone dying really means? Is it a premonition of something bad that is about to happen? Or the meaning of the dream is completely different?

Dreaming of someone dying

Dreaming of someone dying is one of the most common themes for dreams, but don’t worry — it’s not because our minds are dark and depressing places plagued by the thought of dying.

Like most dream themes, there are a few different interpretations people offer about dreaming of someone dying and they should not be taken so seriously. Hope you enjoy them.

You Feel Afraid

Fear and feelings of being afraid are extremely common themes for your dreams. You may feel afraid of losing someone, and that could be the reason why you are dreaming of death.

Likewise, death-related dreams may be caused by terrible childhood memories or phobias of water, public speaking, heights or similar things. Your mind is imprinted by the fears that you have, and your subconscious brings up this sensation of fear during your dreams.


A dream of death can be an indication of transformations in your normal life. In a way, death is a type of rebirth, so it is often a sign of a figurative or literal rebirth in real life.

Like the phoenix, your new habits, relationships and goals are rising out of the ashes of your past. As a result, you may experience dreams about death when you are suddenly experiencing major changes and transformations in your real life.

You feel betrayed by the person

The most common reason for dreaming of someone dying is that you feel betrayed by them in real life. If you are sad about them dying, then this means you are also sad in real life. However, if you were happy or not bothered that they died, this means that this is their punishment for betraying you and you want revenge.

You are afraid of losing someone

Think about your most important relationships in real life. Are you in danger of losing a special person? This could be that someone close to you is ill, or that you feel a partner is not in love with you anymore?

This is quite a common dream and is simply your subconscious mind echoing what you are frightened of in real life.

You feel guilty in real life

Guilt feelings can lead to dreams about someone dying. If something terrible has happened and you think you did not do enough to help, then these types of dreams are your subconscious mind trying to deal with it.

You can even dream about someone dying if you were not actually involved in the event, but typically it will involve a close loved one.

You feel controlled by the person who is dying

This is a very subconscious cry for help. If someone in real life is controlling you to the point where you feel helpless, then dreaming about them dying is a passive way out for you.

Dreaming that they are dying doesn’t mean you want them dead, it is just that you need to escape from their controlling ways.

You fear losing something or someone

Fear of loss is often behind dreams of someone dying. When you value someone highly and you are afraid of losing them, this fear often gets transferred into your subconscious mind as dreaming. Even if you do not have a traumatic event or negative feelings in your current life, that does not stop you from fearing loss.

When you love someone, it is normal to fear losing them. This fear is replayed in your dreams by the person, loved one or family member actually dying. Don’t worry though—it is not a sign of the future or what is currently happening to them.

It is sign of pregnancy

This is probably the least likely reason for dreaming of someone dying. There have been reports, however, of women dreaming about seeing a person dying just before they got confirmation of their pregnancy. This could be a literal translation of death as a kind of rebirth.

The Desire To Close A Chapter In Life

According to Lauren Lawrence, host of Celebrity Nightmares Decoded and writer on dream analysis, dreaming of death reveals a desire to “terminate something in life.” Read: it’s not necessarily about terminating life specifically.

This could refer to a relationship, a job, or even past experiences that you wish to let go of. Russell Grant, the author of The Illustrated Dream Dictionary, further explains that dreams about death aren’t always horrible nightmares.

Similar to Lawrence’s thoughts, he says death dreams are encouragement to close one chapter and start fresh in some aspect of life. It’s a reflection of change.

The Death Of A Specific Person

If you’ve repeatedly dreamt of one specific person dying, consider if this is someone you’re harboring negative feelings for. Are you angry, jealous, or resentful toward them?

Do you ever dislike being in their presence (or allowing them to take up space in your mind) and are always trying to get away from them? Their death in your dreams could be symbolic of this. The solution is a pretty clear one: you need to find a way to make peace with this person, whatever that may mean for you.

Who tends to have dreams about death most frequently?

People who have dreams about death tend to be those who are entering or exiting an uncertain phase or period in their life. It could be a potentially life-changing event that creates anxiety and fear of the unknown.


At a very basic level, dreams of death could be a sign that you feel worthless, unhappy or exceptionally negative. These feelings cause your dreams to take a negative turn until you can become confident and happier in your normal life.

Instead of dreaming about someone dying, you may dream about someone who is already dead. One interpretation of this dream is that you feel like you are surrounded by people who do not really understand you. It could also mean that you are experiencing a material or personal loss that is affecting your outlook on the world.

Problems You Have With Yourself

If you’re experiencing death dreams, you might think about looking inward and searching for unresolved issues with yourself. According to psychotherapist and author Jeffrey Sumber, dreaming of death could represent an attempt to alleviate anger or anxiety you have toward yourself.

Are you mad at yourself for something you said or did? Are you overcome with regret or worry?

This is a good time for introspection to see what could be improved in your own life. Similar to how death dreams can represent the closing of one chapter and beginning of another, they could also signify negative emotions toward that change.

Death as a symbol of something ending

We see death all around us: the death of the old year gives way to the birth of the new, the death of winter leaves pave the way for the birth of spring leaves, the death of a crumbling old building allows a new one to be built in its place, the death of a relationship that is no longer working for either partner eventually opens the way for you both to begin new relationships and so on. It is often the case that the new cannot be created until the old has ended. For things to change, old habits often need to die.

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