Does Your Tendon “Pops Up” From Your Wrist? – Here is What it Means

Have you ever wondered why your tendon pops up from your wrist, but your friend’s tendon is just flat?

I have not, but I found this video very interesting. It tells an amazing story saying that if you tendon is protruding from the underside of your wrist, you might have a physical sign of evolution attached to your body.

Isn’t that awesome?

Don’t freak out just yet because this is known as a vestigal structure. They are body traits left over after the evolution that has no discernible use for the modern people.

This includes the tailbones, goosebumps, and even the pesky appendix.

The interesting thing is that these traits are different. They don’t require future evolving because they remain present in the body.

Why? – Scientists still haven’t discovered the reason for that. It remains a mystery.


The vertical structure “pops up” in a line that does nothing. But, let’s focus more on the wrist tendon.

The wrist tendon is known as the Palmaris longus and a lot of people have it.

This study says that only 14% of the general population don’t have a Palmaris longus.

As you can see it’s very common. It’s believed that humans used the tendon many years ago to activate the wrist’s flexibility.

Check out this video from Vox below and get your mind blown by everything you will learn.

Your body is your temple!

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  1. I think the term you’re looking for here is “vestigial” not “vertical”. Please correct this egregious error if you’d like to be considered legitimate even the slightest bit.

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