Does Your Heart Line on Your Palms Match? See What this Means!

Aaaaaah. Palm reading. This thing is ancient. My grandma always wanted to read my palm and my sister’s palm, too.

For us, that was fun. She was telling us things like we are going to have a great life. Marriage. Love. Kids.


She wasn’t far from the truth. Here are we now. Living happily ever after.

When I saw this, I was a little bit skeptic for sharing it with you guys. But you know how women are. They always choose the right thing.

No offense to men.

Did you know that palm reading started in India and spread its wings through Asia, Europe, and North America?

Well, now you know. It was really popular in the Chinese book. People like Alexander the Great and Aristotle have shown a lot of interest in it.

One of the major points in palm reading is your heart line.

It’s located right below the base of your fingers. If you ask a regular person, they will tell you that’s nonsense.

But, people who are interested in this really enjoy and believe in the predictions.

It holds anything you need to know about your relationship and your love life.

Do You want to know the best part? – you can do it yourself.

The first step is to place your hands side by side like on the picture.

Do they match? Do they touch one another when you perfectly align your hands? Do they look crooked?

Keep this picture in your head and continue to read.

What does it mean?

There are 3 formations.

  • If the right palm heart line is higher than the left palm heart line, it means you are wise beyond your years and you are a good lover. You live freely without thinking about what people think about you.
  • If the left palm heart line is higher than the right palm heart line, it means you are independent. You don’t need love to be complete. You enjoy every challenge and searching for love is not your top priority.
  • If they match, it means you have calm and nurturing personality. You like things just like they are. You are a great parent.

To make things clear, I found a video that will help you out.

Would you share this with your friends for me? They would like you to perform a palm reading on them the next time they come.

Source: Higher Perspectives

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