Do You Need an Injury Lawyer? Choose The Law Offices of Lucas & Magazine

One of the first decisions a person will need to make after an injury is whether they will seek legal help. Deciding to hire a lawyer is an important decision that needs to be addressed carefully. With this guide, injured victims will learn about the signs they should work with a lawyer. 

Should an Injured Victim Hire a Lawyer

Deciding whether you need an injury lawyer is not always easy. Injured victims sometimes think they can handle their claims alone. The following are some questions individuals can ask themselves to determine if a lawyer is needed to help them with their injury claim. 

How Serious are the Injuries?

Evaluating the severity of the injuries is essential in a personal injury scenario. Head injuries, broken bones, and surgeries mean a person has serious injuries that will likely require ongoing medical care. Recovering damages related to serious injuries often require help from a lawyer. 

Who Is at Fault For the Accident?

Another thing to consider when deciding whether to hire a lawyer is who is at fault. If more than one driver share liability, it would be wise for injured victims to get help from a lawyer right away. Never admit blame without first talking to a lawyer. 

Has the Accident Been Reported to the Insurance Company?

It is important to note that injured victims would do well to talk to a lawyer before speaking with the insurance company. Injured individuals need to be aware that what they tell the insurance adjuster can be used against them. 

Has the Insurance Company Denied the Claim?

If the insurance company denies the victim’s claim, it is wise to consult with a lawyer to determine the next best step. A lawyer will help their injured client dispute the claim denial and work to ensure they get the fair compensation owed to them. 

The Insurance Company Will Not Offer a Fair Settlement

Often, the insurance company refuses to offer a fair settlement. They will do everything possible to offer the lowest settlement. Before accepting a settlement offer, individuals need to make sure they have the document reviewed by a lawyer. Getting help from a lawyer will assist a person in knowing if they should accept the offer or continue to negotiate. 

The Statute of Limitations Is Running Out

How much time has passed since the accident? Injured victims need to learn about the statute of limitations in their state. This statute gives a specific time a victim has to file a lawsuit. Going beyond this statute of limitations will cause a person to be unable to pursue compensation for their injuries and damages. 

Schedule a Consultation

One of the first things a person needs to do after seeking medical attention is to schedule a consultation appointment. At a consultation, the injured victim will discover valuable information that helps them determine the next steps they should take. 

When a lawyer takes a case, the first work to investigate the claim. Investigations are crucial for gathering evidence. Without evidence, it becomes impossible to prove measurable damages. 

The lawyer will also negotiate with the insurance company and hold them accountable. The negotiations process will take time, but the lawyer will not give up until a fair settlement is reached. 

In some cases, settlements cannot be reached. In these cases, injured victims may need to go to court to pursue their injury claims. Those who need help from a lawyer should schedule a consultation right away.