Legal Consultation: What to Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney

The industry for personal injury attorneys is currently worth approximately $34.7 billion. Clearly, there’s a demand for legal representation from people who have been injured in accidents of all kinds. 

Have you experienced an injury recently? Do you have a legal consultation with a personal injury attorney coming up? If so, you might be wondering how you can determine whether or not they’re the right person for the job.

If you’re in this boat right now, keep reading. Listed below are some important things to look for when you’re hiring an attorney to assist with your case.


First, make sure the attorney you’re considering is qualified. Find out where they went to school and how long they’ve been practicing.

Check that they’re legally able to practice law in your state, too. You can check with your state’s bar association to ensure this is the case.

Compatible Personality

Pay attention to the attorney’s personality, too. You’re going to be working very closely with this person throughout the duration of your case (and, let’s face it, sometimes these cases can get dragged out for a long time).

It’s important to make sure you get along with them and that you feel comfortable talking to them. If you don’t feel you can open up to a particular attorney, or if you don’t feel that they’re listening to you and your concerns, that’s a big red flag. 


Education and credentials are important, of course. Experience matters, too, though. 

When you’re choosing between attorneys, be sure to find out what their specialty is and how long it’s been their specialty. You should find out how many cases like yours, specifically, they have handled in the past, too.

Good Track Record

In addition to finding out what their history is with cases like yours, find out what kind of outcomes they usually secure, too. Do they usually win cases like yours? What kind of settlements tend to come from them? 


It’s important to make sure the attorney with whom you’re meeting has the availability to work with you and give your case the attention it deserves. If they seem like they’re too busy and have lots of cases they’re juggling at once, you might want to consider working with someone else.

Fair Fee Schedule

Of course, as the legal experts at Johnson, Vorhees & Martucci have pointed out, you need to make sure the attorney you hire has a fair fee schedule. How do they charge for their services? Do they work on a contingency basis, or do they require a retainer?

Get answers to these questions and make sure they’re fair for your case. This will help you ensure you can afford their services before you commit to working with them.

Get Prepared for Your Legal Consultation Today

As you can see, there’s a lot you need to consider when you’re getting ready for a legal consultation with a personal injury attorney. If you keep these guidelines in mind, though, you’ll have a much easier time finding the right attorney for you. 

Do you want to learn more about hiring a personal injury attorney or handling other legal issues? If so, check out some of the other legal articles on our site today for additional information.

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